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News and market analysis of Near, Jasmy, and 0x0 cryptocurrencies

In this article we will see what the crypto sector has in store for us in terms of infrastructure developments for the Near, Jasmy and 0x0 cryptographic currencies.

Let’s also take a look at the charts and see what the future forecasts are for the 3 cryptocurrencies in question.

All the details below.

The latest news from the cryptographic projects Near Protocol, Jasmycoin and 0x0.ai

Starting from the most relevant news for Near protocol, we can highlight the latest integration of the layer-1 blockchain with the Chain Development Kit (CDK) by Polygon.

This is a technical partnership that combines the data availability of NEAR DA with Polygon CDK to allow developers to launch their own customizable l2s based on zk technology according to their needs, while maintaining compatibility with the EVM and its security.

Thanks to this integration, rollups built on NEAR will be able to take advantage of a great cost-effectiveness for on-chain data availability, significantly reducing the overall burden on developers.

This is particularly relevant considering that data publishing costs are currently reaching record levels for layer-2.

It is estimated that this solution will reduce these costs by about 8 thousand times, while offering greater execution speed and greater reliability.

Instead, moving on to the IoT Jasmy project, we highlight a post published on X by one of the main contributors to the cryptographic ecosystem, namely the user NeoXtrix, in which a prediction is made regarding the adoption of the aforementioned technology.

In particular, the subject believes that in the near future, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters’ stadium, the Hokkaido Ball Park, could use the data offered by Jasmy to make significant improvements to the services offered to the players.

The aim is to build a “society of the future” where the technological practices of the blockchain world meet the needs of athletes and fans.

At the same time, it was revealed that Transcosmos, a partner of Jasmy, has opened a new call center in Sapporo in 2022. 

The launch of this initiative significantly contributes to the consolidation of the presence of the main technological actors in the region, highlighting the strategic importance given to Sapporo as a venue for innovative projects. 

The convergence of technological initiatives and experiments in the area not only highlights the importance attributed to this region, but also highlights a collaborative dynamic aimed at shaping the future of services and emerging technologies.

Finally, regarding the developments of the privacy exchange 0x0, let’s see the latest updates published by the project’s lead developer, known by the nickname “Sir Enigma”.

In a post about X, the subject reiterated what is the main focus of the crypto exchange, which is to improve the user interface design of their website.

Meanwhile, the team of the 0x0 exchange is working to ensure that the platform is secure and impervious to cyber attacks from external sources.

As a sign of transparency towards its own community, the latter has collaborated with a reputable cryptocurrency auditing company to conduct a third-party audit in the near future to detect any bugs or anomalies. Audit

As soon as the audit is completed, 0x0 will be ready to launch on the Arcane mainnet.
The project plans to allocate a portion of the fees collected from decentralized trading to the holders of the 0x0 cryptocurrency, in order to support its investors and stakeholders.

Technical analysis of Near Jasmy and 0x0 crypto

On the cryptocurrency markets front, we observe how the 3 cryptos NEAR, JASMY, and 0x0 are performing graphically.

Going in chronological order, NEAR is currently showing a condition of weakness, with a bearish trend in prices on a daily time frame.

Following a brief rally that drove the token’s price action throughout Q4 2024, supply has overtaken demand, bringing the quotes below the EMA50.

The current value of NEAR at 2.79 dollars per unit coincides with the low of a spike recorded at the beginning of the year: if demand does not make itself felt in the near future, we could easily expect a return of the crypto-asset to the 2 dollar zone.

The RSI metric, which is about to reach the oversold level, should be kept under control, as it has generally proven to be an excellent point for making medium-term purchases.

Obviously the future of NEAR mainly depends on the fate of the market king Bitcoin: if the cycles of previous years were to repeat themselves, we can expect a relatively positive 2024 for this cryptographic resource.

As a general rule, the future price target for NEAR at the end of the bull run is $10.

crypto near price chart
Daily price chart of Near (NEAR/USDT)

By changing currency and switching to JASMY, we can immediately notice how the crypto chart is much more subject to volatility compared to the one just analyzed.

Even for JASMY we see a condition of weakness, given by the heavy retracement recorded at the end of 2023, with which the key level of 0.007 dollars per unit was lost.

Prices after the rally of the last 3 months of 2023 abruptly stopped, bringing the crypto back to a value of 0.005 dollars, with bears maintaining control of the situation.
Unlike NEAR, on JAMSY future prospects can only be blatantly bearish also considering the low usage recorded by the digital asset in the wide global panorama of web3.

JASMY presents a drawdown of over 99% from its historical highs set at around $4 and probably will not see that level recover anymore.

At most, in the case of a strong altseason, we could expect a pump of the coin up to the zone of 0.01 dollars, with a final that, however, will inevitably tend towards continuous downward movement.

crypto jasmycoin price chart
Daily price chart of JasmyCoin (JASMY/USDC)

Finally, analyzing the trend of the 0x0 currency, we notice a pattern similar to the previous 2 cryptos, but we must contextualize an excellent performance recorded in 2023 that has increased prices by over 15,000%.

Inaugurated in February of last year, 0x0 has immediately attracted the attention of crypto investors with record highs.

On December 15, 2023, after a glorious year, the cryptocurrency reached its all-time high at $0.19, opening the doors to a predominantly bearish winter season.

Currently, the price of 0.11 dollars recorded at the time of writing the article is well below the EMA 50 daily, which separates the bullish hypotheses from the bearish ones.

In the short term, we can expect a bearish condition for 0x0, which could be interrupted if demand returns to the market at the psychological level of $0.01.

If prices fall below $0.009, we could very likely determine that the currency’s decline will last throughout the first half of 2024.

Things could then change if, following the Bitcoin halving, the entire altcoin sector will once again bring satisfaction to its investors.

crypto price chart 0x0
Daily price chart of 0x0 (0x0/USDT)
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