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Unstoppable Domains and The Sandbox: an epic competition in the metaverse

Unstoppable Domains and The Sandbox collaborate with award-winning game studio professionals to organize the first real-time competition with a significant Web3 brand within the metaverse.

Let’s see below all the details. 

The first live competition in the metaverse led by The Sandbox

As anticipated, Unstoppable Domains, a leader in providing Web3 domain names and digital identities, has partnered with the first decentralized metaverse, The Sandbox, and Tuschay Studios to present Unstoppable Experience.

Specifically, we are talking about the first live community competition involving a major Web3 brand within The Sandbox.

Created by the game collectives Web3 Tuschay Studios and BoopGoop, Unstoppable Experience marks Unstoppable Domains’ entry into metaverse creation.

In this way it offers users the tools to own unique avatars and digital assets usable in all The Sandbox games. 

This partnership projects users into a future where players can interact in real time within a game, experiencing a fusion of digital identity and immersive gameplay.

The experience includes a live multiplayer game, where up to four players compete to achieve the highest score by painting the most tiles in the MetaCube with their own avatar. 

In this high-speed race, players must decide whether to adopt a defensive strategy by recoloring their opponent’s tiles in the central areas of the battlefield, or go on the offensive by touching unclaimed tiles in remote areas of the game map. 

This strategic element, along with the multiplayer format, ensures that each game is unique.

The game is enhanced by an exclusive gathering room on the Unstoppable Domains grounds, offering a unique space for UD domain holders to connect and collaborate. 

In addition, users will also have access to a dynamic marketplace to obtain exclusive wearable items to enhance their avatars.

The evolution of web3 domains in the metaverse

Thanks to the innovative features mentioned above, Unstoppable Experience represents an excellent example of the potential of Web3 domains in transforming traditional “gamertags” into the blockchain space. Blockchain.

This offers players greater flexibility, freedom and complete ownership of their digital identities and game objects. 

Unlike current gamertags, which are tied to a single ecosystem like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or Steam, Web3 domains are natively interoperable. 

This could allow players to use their digital identities and assets across all blockchain gaming platforms.

Sandy Carter, COO and Chief Business Development Officer of Unstoppable Domains, stated the following:

“We are not just pushing boundaries, we are redefining them. This initiative celebrates digital identity as a dynamic part of the gaming universe, offering players a space not only to play, but also to express themselves and differentiate themselves in the metaverse. This reflects the commitment to give users control and creativity in their digital life.”

As a result, unique digital objects offer unprecedented personalization and interaction in the metaverse, representing various aspects of the player’s journey, from goals to milestones and participation in specific events. 

These digital artifacts become symbols of the player’s identity and their successes, enriching the gaming experience and providing a tangible means to showcase their achievements.

This initiative promises to offer a mix of entertainment, collaboration, and digital identity in a competitive experience where players color and claim territory. 

These developments underline the evolution of Web3 domains in the metaverse, illustrating their potential as something more than simple digital addresses. 

Rather as doors for direct navigation to spaces created by users, bridging the gap between the digital and physical world.

Some statements regarding the news of the metaverse 

For the realization of this first contest in the metaverse, Unstoppable Domains has collaborated with Tuschay Studios, the creative mind behind the Funguy Games catalog.

It is known for the award-winning creation “The Floor is Cake” and the enchanting world of Funguys, as well as the engaging gaming experience of games like MetaCube. 

Unstoppable Experience is an expression of Tuschay Studios’ ability to merge engaging storytelling and interactive metaverse design.

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox, stated:

“Unstoppable Experience on The Sandbox is an exciting multiplayer experience that fully integrates fun, competition, creativity, ownership, and social interactions. We look forward to seeing how this initiative will bring new audiences to discover the fun possibilities of the metaverse and grow the engagement of the Unstoppable domain holders community and their audience.”

As an additional incentive, participants who immerse themselves in the experience during the inaugural week will receive a free collectible item, encouraging exploration and interaction in this new environment.

This marks a significant step in improving user engagement and promoting a sense of community within The Sandbox.

In conclusion, this experience represents only the beginning. 

As Unstoppable Domains expands its presence in The Sandbox, future integrations will further strengthen the interconnection of Web3 users and businesses in the digital landscape.

This partnership symbolizes a step forward in the evolution of the metaverse, merging creativity, control, and connectivity in a borderless virtual world.

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