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Craig Wright: the appeal of the doubtful Satoshi Nakamoto against Peter McCormack rejected

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has rejected Craig Wright’s appeal in his case against Peter McCormack regarding statements about Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Craig Wright: the unconfirmed Satoshi Nakamoto cannot appeal in the case against Peter McCormack

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has denied the appeal of Craig Wright, the person who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

This appeal question concerns the July 2023 ruling in the never-ending case against bitcoin podcaster, Peter McCormack, accused of defamation by Wright back in April 2019. In essence, McCormack had challenged Wright’s claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

In July, therefore, the judgment established that Wright was entitled to a compensation of just one pound. Wright decided to appeal against this judgment, but the Court has now denied it. 

On the other hand, McCormack is rejoicing over X, since this rejection by the Court is his final victory in the case. 

“My lawyers have just confirmed that Craig Wright’s latest appeal has been rejected by the Supreme Court. It’s over, I won, welcome to the law, you son of a b****!”

The permission to appeal has been denied by three judges of the Supreme Court, Lord Briggs, Lady Rose, and Lord Richards, on the grounds that the appeal did not raise a question of debatable law. This is the end of Wright’s compensation claim against me. 5 years of hell over, a small amount of hell to face for the expenses, but we made it. I have to thank many people, my lawyers, my brother @hodlonaut, all the people who supported me, the people who helped me with some costs (you know who you are). Now let’s move on to our brothers @hodlonaut, @CobraBitcoin, and the companies and developers still under attack. No mercy.

Let’s finish it!

Craig Wright: the case against McCormack is now over

Wright has appealed this sentence twice, receiving denial in both cases. This means that for the United Kingdom Court, the Wright – McCormack case can be considered concluded with the July sentence. 

According to what reported, Rupert Cowper-Coles, a partner at the law firm RPC representing McCormack, would have stated the following:

“We only discovered it now, but at the end of last year the Supreme Court refused Craig Wright’s appeal authorization. So we are very satisfied that the judgment has been confirmed – [the] nominal damages compensation of one pound, which Craig tried to appeal twice without success.”

Wright continues to want to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto

It was December 2023, when a British judge would have given Craig Wright the opportunity to prove once again that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

This was a judge’s response to Wright’s statements of finding a USB key with new documents in the bedside drawer that prove his claims. 

In reality, this is another cause involving Wright, but against COPA (Crypto Open Patient Alliance). In practice, here too, COPA accuses Wright of his statements claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, stating them to be false. 

The judge’s decision allows Wright to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto only if he pays COPA £800,000, as a guarantee for the legal expenses incurred. 

The main issue of this case lies in the copyright on the Bitcoin Whitepaper and its Bitcoin v0.1 software released by Satoshi Nakamoto publicly, back in 2009. By claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, Wright should assert the copyright on the published documents.

Meanwhile, while on one hand Wright would have demonstrated how he could be Satoshi Nakamoto, COPA has also submitted 50 pieces of evidence that refute him, stating that his documents are forged. 

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