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Crypto news: Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, and Fetch.ai Foundation join forces for AI advancement

Crypto news: Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, and the Fetch.ai Foundation join forces to advance in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Let’s see below all the changes and news about it.

The safeguarding of the decentralized crypto blockchain: Telekom, Bosch and Fetch.ai

As anticipated, Deutsche Telekom recently announced its entry as the first corporate partner in the Fetch.ai Foundation.

Concurrently, Deutsche Telekom’s MMS subsidiary will assume the role of validator to ensure the security of Fetch.ai’s decentralized blockchain. 

We remind you that the Fetch.ai Foundation was created to promote cutting-edge technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Web3 on the Fetch.ai network.

The main objective is therefore to promote an open and accessible platform to a wide audience. The Fetch.ai Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, was founded by Bosch and Fetch.ai.

Deutsche Telekom MMS plays a central role both as a member and as a validator, ensuring network security during the integration of devices, individuals, and services into the blockchain.

This technology is based on autonomous agents guided by artificial intelligence, which manage resources, carry out transactions, and analyze traffic flows. 

Currently, Fetch.ai services are accessible in various sectors, including healthcare, automotive, supply chain management, and digital identity.

The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom, Fetch.ai, and Bosch is an innovative initiative that combines industrial applications with the Internet of Things. Dirk Röder, head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions team at Deutsche Telekom MMS, stated:

“Autonomous agents will automate industrial services, simplifying processes and ensuring security and scalability through blockchain technology.”

Innovation through the convergence of AI and Web3

The Fetch.ai blockchain, based on the Cosmos protocol, serves as an open-source platform, providing global public access to its source code.

The integration between blockchain and artificial intelligence is bringing about a significant change, transforming sectors and opening up new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. 

Blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent storage and transmission of data, enhancing the capabilities of AI through access to reliable data sets. Furthermore, AI can benefit from blockchain to analyze transactions and make informed decisions. 

Web3 technology enables the construction of a decentralized internet, offering users greater privacy and control, and stimulating innovation in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and automotive.

Humayun Sheikh, CEO of Fetch.ai, emphasizes the importance of this partnership as a milestone for the company. 

In particular, capable of allowing the integration of real use cases through research, development, and application of agents, AI, and decentralized Web3 technologies.

In addition, Deutsche Telekom MMS will join Fetch.ai at the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) on February 28th and 29th, during the largest European hackathon on IoT and AI. Here, new ideas on the Fetch.ai blockchain will be developed. 

Peter Busch, head of Bosch’s Distributed Ledger Technology Mobility and chairman of the Fetch.ai Foundation Board, adds that the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom represents an important step towards advancing the integration of AI and Web3. 

Specifically, contributing with the experience in the automotive sector and the telecommunications infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom to the Fetch.ai Foundation.

Artificial intelligence at the center of discussions at the World Government Summit 

From February 12th to 14th, the next World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) as the dominant topic, demonstrating how relevant this theme has become. 

With its vast potential for transformation in various sectors, the summit, entitled “Shaping Future Governments,” aims to explore AI innovation and governance. 

Over 100 leaders from the main artificial intelligence companies, government officials, and industry experts will come together to promote effective government guidance in the field of artificial intelligence.

The summit includes an impressive number of participants, including the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt, Dr. Amr Talaat, and the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property of the United States (USA), Kathi Vidal. 

In addition, prominent figures in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the CEO of Open AI, Sam Altman, and the CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, will contribute their opinions to the discussions. 

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