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Edward Snowden: this year it will be discovered that a country has purchased Bitcoin

Edward Snowden, famous whistleblower, shared on X his prediction that this year it will be discovered that a country has purchased Bitcoin (BTC) without publicly disclosing it.

Edward Snowden predicts that a country has purchased Bitcoin without making it public

Edward Snowden, computer intelligence consultant and whistleblower, has published on X a prediction involving Bitcoin (BTC), but not for its price.

Snowden has stated that this year it will be discovered that a country has purchased BTC without publicly disclosing it.

Prediction: This year it will be discovered that a national government has purchased Bitcoin – the modern substitute for monetary gold – without publicly disclosing it.

Basically, the person who managed to leak highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013, is now holding back from revealing which country is involved. 

This message could be interpreted as a spoiler of a major news of the current year, or as a provocation for a huge planned information leak. 

It is a fact, however, that, according to him, during this 2024, it will be discovered which Nation has followed in the footsteps of El Salvador, which made Bitcoin legal tender in September 2021.

Edward Snowden: which country bought Bitcoin without revealing it?

If Snowden’s tweet was a provocation, a hypothesis about the country guilty of buying Bitcoin without making it public, it is precisely the United States.

This could become big news for the crypto community, as the USA is the country with the least clear regulation on cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, however, if it were really the USA the country that bought bitcoin without disclosing it, they would not explain the tightening that the Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA has carried out against various crypto companies.

Obviously, this hypothesis remains just a hypothesis and we will wait for the official news confirming Snowden’s prediction to be published instead. 

Anyway, Snowden emphasized his stance with Bitcoin when he wanted to define it as “the modern substitute for monetary gold”.

In a sense, Snowden’s prediction, in addition to attracting attention, highlights the growing recognition by the mainstream of the role of Bitcoin in the global economy and its potential in reshaping traditional financial systems.

Interest in the BTC price

Apparently, Snowden is more interested in Bitcoin than one might think. A few weeks ago, in fact, while more than 100 million people were watching the Super Bowl live, Snowden stated that, on the contrary, he was watching the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

It was February 11th, and the price of BTC was around $48,000 to reach above $50,000 during Valentine’s Day, three days later. A bull run that saw the price of BTC surpassing even $52,000.

But something changed on February 26th, exactly 2 weeks later, when BTC recorded the price pump that brought it to break the psychological threshold of $60,000.

In the last seven days, BTC has recorded a pump of +22%. At the time of writing, BTC is worth $62,790, surpassing yesterday’s price of $63,000.

We are entering the ATH – All Time High zone of Bitcoin recorded in November 2021, at a price of $69,000. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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