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The surge of Telegram’s TON crypto: here’s why

With a bold move towards decentralization and user empowerment in the crypto space, Telegram, the privacy-focused messaging giant, announced on Wednesday that it will start sharing advertising revenues with channel owners through its Open Network (TON) blockchain. 

The founder Pavel Durov announced the news in a message broadcasted on his official channel, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Telegram as a platform committed to user privacy and autonomy.

The TON crypto drops almost 40% after Telegram’s announcement

The Telegram Ad network, which will open its doors to advertisers in March, will assign 50% of advertising revenues directly to channel owners. 

This innovative initiative aims to reward creators for their contributions to content, while promoting a more sustainable and fair ecosystem within the Telegram community.

With the new system, all payments and withdrawals will be settled on the TON blockchain, a decentralized network maintained independently since 2020. This move reflects Telegram’s commitment to decentralization and underscores its dedication to ensuring user privacy and security.

The response to the announcement was quick and profound, with the TON token native to the TON network experiencing a surge of almost 40% to over $2.92. This remarkable rally highlights the market’s enthusiasm for initiatives that prioritize user empowerment and decentralization. 

At the same time, the broader CoinDesk 20 (CD20) index recorded a significant increase of 2.5%, reflecting the positive sentiment of the broader market towards the announcement of Telegram.

The decision by Telegram to share advertising revenues directly with channel owners marks a departure from traditional centralized advertising models, where platforms keep the lion’s share of the revenue generated by advertising.

 By offering creators a 50% share of advertising revenue, Telegram aims to incentivize the creation of high-quality content and reward channel owners for their contribution to the vibrant platform ecosystem.

The importance of initiative according to Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov emphasized the importance of this initiative in his transmission message, highlighting the immense potential for channel owners to monetize their content on Telegram. 

He pointed out that while Telegram channels currently generate a whopping 1,000 billion views per month, only a small portion of these views are monetized through Telegram ads. 

With the launch of the Telegram Ad Platform in March, channel owners in nearly a hundred new countries will have the opportunity to monetize their content and receive a fair share of the revenue generated by the advertisements displayed in their channels.

The decision to leverage blockchain technology for revenue sharing further underscores Telegram’s commitment to privacy and security. 

By regulating payments and withdrawals on the TON blockchain, Telegram ensures that transactions are transparent, secure, and resistant to censorship or interference from external parties. 

This approach is in line with Telegram’s general philosophy, which aims to empower users and safeguard their digital rights in an increasingly interconnected world.

Although the announcement has generated a lot of excitement within the Telegram community and the broader cryptocurrency market, some details regarding the implementation of the revenue sharing mechanism remain unclear. 

Despite requests for clarification, Telegram has not yet provided further information or comments on the specifics of the revenue sharing model.

However, the announcement marks a bold step forward for Telegram, which continues to innovate and redefine the digital landscape. 

By prioritizing decentralization, user empowerment, and privacy, Telegram sets a compelling example for other platforms seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of online communication and content creation.


In conclusion, Telegram’s announcement to share advertising revenue with channel owners through the TON blockchain marks a transformative moment in the platform’s journey. 

Embracing decentralization, user empowerment, and privacy, Telegram sets a new standard for digital communication platforms.

This initiative not only rewards content creators, but also strengthens the platform’s commitment to transparency and security through blockchain technology. 

The significant increase in the value of the TON token reflects the market’s enthusiasm for initiatives that prioritize user autonomy and fair compensation. 

Although some details of the revenue sharing model remain unclear, Telegram’s bold step forward highlights its dedication to innovation and community engagement. 

With its continuous evolution, the platform serves as a beacon for other platforms trying to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape prioritizing user privacy and autonomy. 

Telegram’s commitment to building a fairer and more sustainable ecosystem paves the way for a future in which users will have greater control over their digital experiences.