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Everyone ready for the zkSync ($ZKS) crypto airdrop and for the incentives of its ecosystem

We are almost there: the zkSync crypto airdrop is now just around the corner.

Several prominent figures in the web3 landscape agree that Matter Labs, the development company behind the Ethereum rollup in question, may soon reward its stakeholders by launching the long-awaited ZKS token, in a historically favorable moment for market speculation.

Also at stake are all the airdrops related to the ecosystem of protocols built on zkSync, which in recent months has grown a lot both in terms of TVL and on-chain activity: first of all, SyncSwap’s airdrop could be the most substantial.

Below are all the information on how to be prepared and maximize the returns of crypto rewards.

Rumors of an imminent crypto airdrop for zkSync ($ZKS)

In the last few days on X, several posts by crypto industry experts are circulating talking about an upcoming airdrop for zkSync, a well-known scalability solution for Ethereum.

The reason for this media speculation can be traced back to a “leak” of data on Github where a series of files related to some functions concerning the upcoming token ZKS are present.

Inside the database there are also information regarding the snapshot phase (to be officially verified by the zkSync team) in which eligible addresses for the airdrop are identified: according to what emerged, this may have already been taken or will be completed shortly.

Source: Github 

Many users active in airdrop practices suggest that the launch of the ZKS crypto could come as early as March/April, rewarding a wide range of deserving community members and at the same time eliminating a large number of sybil.

As the user “Cape” writes, the zkSync airdrop will be managed in the same style as that of Arbitrum, through a points system that takes into account various factors such as the number of transactions executed on the chain, the volume transited, the bridged volume, the number of protocols interacted with, the number of NFT traded, and activity over time.

The age of the wallet, the balance on the Ethereum mainnet and on zkSync Era (minimum 0.005 ETH), as well as other boosters such as Gitcoin donations and proof of humanity (POH) will also be taken into consideration.

Despite on paper it may be perhaps too late to move, continuing to farm could be a good idea, especially if you have been active for less than 3 months and have not made at least 5 transactions for a volume greater than 100 dollars.

To check your progress, you can use one of the many airdrop checking tools like Zk-Codex.

zkSync’s could plausibly be one of the largest airdrops in terms of money distributed to the community, given the substantial funding obtained from various Venture Capital (including Consensys, a16z, 1kx, and Dragonfly Capital) and the growth recorded by the project in terms of on-chain metrics.

According to the data on Crunchbase, we can see how Matter Labs, the team responsible for the technical development of the rollup, has raised a whopping 458 million dollars in various funding rounds, resulting in a company valuation exceeding one billion dollars.

Looking at the data from L2Beat, we notice a TVL more than doubled since September 2023 with a total value of funds locked within the chain amounting to 834 million dollars, currently at all-time highs.

Even on the on-chain activity front, there are growing numbers, both in terms of active addresses and in terms of volume transacted.

TVL zkSync

Other crypto airdrops to monitor in the zkSync ecosystem: SyncSwap among the most appealing

The zkSync airdrop will likely pave the way for other incentive campaigns for users operating through the rollup, led by various protocols built on the network.

Analyzing in the ranking of DeFiLlama all the dapps developed natively on zkSync, we can take as a reference those with the highest TVL (and obviously those without a token) to hypothesize the release of an airdrop concurrently or following that of the main chain.

Among the most likely to launch a crypto to their stakeholders we find protocols like SyncSwap, ZeroLend, Velocore, EraLend, Reactor Fusion and Satori.

SyncSwap: the leading zk rollup DEX

Specifically, the most appealing airdrop will definitely be that of SyncSwap, the reference DEX of the layer-2, as well as a prominent market in the zk world with 58 million TVL.

The project went live in March 2023 and since then has attracted more than 3.3 million users with over 590 thousand active addresses in the last 30 days who have executed at least one swap on the application.

The same SyncSwap team in recent days has been fueling the fire on X by publishing rather mysterious posts, such as the most recent one in which it simply mentions the word “Wen”, alluding to a typical expression used by crypto farmers where project owners are asked when a token will be launched.

When SyncSwap airdrop? Some believe it could arrive simultaneously with zkSync, announcing a double reward to the community on the same day.

Other projects to keep an eye on

Another horse to bet on and that could be worth farming right now is ZeroLend, the main lending protocol of the rollup with 26 million dollars in TVL.

In the past, the project has raised 3 million dollars from private funding, reaching a valuation of 25 million dollars. 

Also in this case, in recent months the on-chain data show a strong increase in activity by users, with an average of daily active addresses exceeding 100,000 units.

The ZERO crypto airdrop has already been confirmed by the team, announcing a points program that will be converted into the token in question at the time of the TGE.

To earn points, simply lend and/or borrow assets, and stake the PYTH crypto.

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