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Bruno Cerasi: continues the journey with the drop of the NFT of Faded22/II on SuperRare

Bruno Cerasi, famous Italian artist, continues the story of his journey by launching the drop of his new NFT artwork Faded22/II on the SuperRare marketplace. 

For 2023, in fact, there is a unique digital butterfly generated by the algorithm that translates the artist’s eye visits. 

Bruno Cerasi: a unique digital NFT butterfly Faded22/ II available on SuperRare

On February 29, 2024, Bruno Cerasi launched the drop of Faded22/ II, the NFT artwork depicting his famous digital butterfly as the second chapter of the story of his journey. 

Available exclusively on SuperRare, the artwork by Faded22/ II represents the continuation of the artist’s story, telling the whole of 2023.

And indeed, Bruno Cerasi had started his project Faded22/ with a series of NFT works that tell his experience of losing part of his sight, after his stroke in 2009.

For 2022, 12 digital butterflies in NFT format have been created, generated by an algorithm that translates monthly eye exams into colors and shapes.

In 2023, however, the artist only made an eye examination that generated the current new and unique NFT work by Faded22/ II. 

Bruno Cerasi: the story behind the NFT project of Faded22

The NFT project Faded22/ reflects the artist’s personal experience who wants to convey his feelings related to the memory of what has been seen and what will no longer be seen. 

On X, Cerasi tells his story up to the release of his latest work Faded22/II on SuperRare. 

Bruno Cerasi, born in 1983, is an artist who, in general, focuses on performances and installations. The main concept of his artistic research is the dualism between light and shadow. His approach to art changed profoundly in 2009, when a stroke caused him to lose part of his vision. 

From here, Cerasi has developed several projects, including Faded22/, choosing a butterfly as the subject of his works to symbolize “transformation”. Since 2013, Cerasi’s butterfly represents the overflow of information that surrounds us, and the paradox of being so distant from each other. 

In Faded22/ The digital butterflies of Cerasi communicate the monitoring of his field of vision which, through numbers, graphs and algorithms, are then transformed into lights and colors. 

The first butterfly sold for 2 ETH and the artist’s 2023

As anticipated, the Italian artist started dropping his digital NFT butterflies at the beginning of 2022. In that year, the Faded22/ collection included 12 butterflies, one for each month. 

The very first butterfly of January was sold in March 2022, with the auction closing at 2 ETH.

Not only that, in September 2022, Cerasi’s NFT project was also exhibited at a collective NFT exhibition in New York, organized by the Art Innovation Gallery. The exhibition took place on a gigantic led wall in Time Square, one of the most famous squares in the world.

Arriving in 2023, Cerasi had also launched the drop of another NFT artwork “Skin and Bones I” on the SuperRare marketplace. Unlike the butterflies, in this artwork Cerasi has broken down the photographic image to develop infinite polygonal tiles of a digital mosaic.

These black and white cards and shades of gray then became the plumage of a magpie thief flying through the Sicilian skies, captured by what shines. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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