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Prices and news of the crypto Cardano (ADA), Cronos (CRO) and Aethir (AETHIR)

Our analysis column of crypto assets continues, today we will look at the prices and news of three important assets: Cardano (ADA), Cronos (CRO) and Aethir (AETHIR).

Prices and market statistics of the crypto Cardano (ADA), Cronos (CRO) and Aethir (AETHIR)

Cardano (ADA), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, is currently trading at 0.70 USD, with a market capitalization of around 25.0 billion USD.

The volume of transactions in the last 24 hours is around 1.7 billion USD, while the circulating supply of ADA is about 35.6 billion. 

Despite a negative price variation in the last few days, with a decrease of 9.03% in the last 24 hours and 3.91% in the last week, ADA maintains a respectable position in the ranking of cryptocurrencies, occupying the number 8.

The all-time high for ADA was 3.10 USD, highlighting its potential for appreciation. 

With an average holding period of 295 days, investors seem to maintain confidence in the future prospects of Cardano.

Cronos (CRO) is currently ranked number 41 in the cryptocurrency rankings, with a price of $0.1374.

The price of CRO has increased by 10.1% in the last 24 hours, reaching a high of $0.1535 during this period. 

The market capitalization of Cronos is $3,613,989,639, with a fully diluted valuation of $4,077,449,747. The trading volume in the last 24 hours has reached $64,254,346. 

The total value locked (TVL) is $3,375,476. Currently, there are 26,590,073,671 CRO in circulation out of a total of 30,000,000,000. 

CRO continues to demonstrate significant dynamism in the cryptocurrency market, with price movements and trading volume highlighting the interest and participation of investors.

The price of Aethir (Aethir) is currently at $0.09457, registering an increase of 10.85% in the last 24 hours. 

The trading volume during this period is $721.67K, while the liquidity is $1.66M. 

The fully diluted valuation of Aethir is $94.42M, while its market capitalization coincides with this value. 

Aethir shows a growing interest in the cryptocurrency market, highlighted by the significant increase in price and trading volume. 

Its market capitalization reflects the potential that investors see in this project. The investor community could be attracted by the unique characteristics of Aethir and its growth prospects in the cryptocurrency sector.

A Swiss company launches an ETP on Cardano fully supported by staking

On Thursday, March 14th, Liqwid Finance, a Switzerland-based protocol, in collaboration with Issuance.Swiss AG, presented an innovative financial product called CASL. 

This Exchange Traded Product (ETP) leverages the growth potential and staking rewards of the ADA token on the Cardano blockchain. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, CASL combines the stability of traditional finance with the innovative returns of decentralized finance (DeFi).

CASL was designed not only to reflect the performance of the ADA token, but also to capture the rewards generated from betting on ADA. 

This dual strategy offers investors a double advantage: exposure to the appreciation of the ADA price and additional rewards from staking, thus maximizing the overall return on investment.

Florian Volery, co-founder of Liqwid Finance, emphasized: 

“CASL combines the best of traditional and decentralized finance. It is a cost-effective, highly liquid, institutional-grade product that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the thriving realm of digital assets.”

CASL represents an innovative offer, as it provides investors not only with exposure to the performance of the ADA market, but also with rewards derived from staking the token. 

This positions CASL as a pioneering product in the financial market, going beyond the conventional limits of cryptocurrency investment products that often focus only on the price movements of assets.

With a competitive management fee of 1.5%, lower than many counterparts in Europe, CASL offers a convenient option for investors. 

Furthermore, the ETP boasts a controlled risk profile, being fully backed by ADA tokens physically held in a secure and offline storage, effectively mitigating the risk of online threats. 

Liqwid oversees the stacking of ETP on the Cardano network, ensuring a reliable and safe investment path for stakeholders.