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Upland unveils “Share and Build” Airdrop ahead of $SPARKLET token launch on Ethereum

Upland has announced its Airdrop “Share and Build” program in anticipation of the launch of its token on Ethereum. The cryptocurrency game is gearing up for the debut of the Sparklet token and is offering rewards to users through game missions and social media interactions.

Let’s see below all the details. 

Upland Airdrop Strategy: Launching the Ethereum Token

As anticipated, Upland, a game of cryptocurrencies based on real-world locations around the world, announced on Friday the launch of the first phase of the “Share and Build” airdrop series.

The goal is to reward both existing community members and new users who engage with the Upland platform before the launch of its token on Ethereum.

The first chapter of the series will allow users to earn Sparklet tokens, used within the game to build buildings and create content, by participating in activities on social media and missions within the application for a period of three weeks.

Last November, Upland, based on EOS, announced plans to launch an Ethereum token linked to the Sparklet game token. 

The whitepaper detailing these plans has been submitted to the community vote, with 87% of users voting in favor of the proposal.

The token commercialization event (TTE) will follow the airdrop campaign, allowing users to convert the in-game Sparklet currency into a tradable Ethereum token.

Airdrop and NFT: expanding the gaming experience in the metaverse

Dirk Lueth, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland, stated the following: 

“We are excited to launch the ‘Share and Build’ airdrop series as we prepare for the Sparklet event. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision to promote a thriving Web3 ecosystem and reward passionate players.”

The first phase of the launch campaign offers 10 different reward levels, with user engagement levels and social statistics on Twitter determining their point multipliers. 

Furthermore, selected Upland partner users will receive “point boosts” to increase their earnings.

In addition, each completed chapter of the airdrop will guarantee participants a unique NFT Block Explorer, which will serve as a gaming element within Upland

By accumulating five of these awards, you will gain access to an exclusive NFT to use in the world of Upland.

We remind you that Upland originated in 2019 as a property trading game, with digital versions of real assets tokenized and sold within the game. 

Over time, it has evolved into a solid metaverse, offering vehicles, events, and other gaming opportunities. Last November, Upland raised $7 million in a Series A extension round.

Revenues for Upland players in 2023 and more 

Upland has generated approximately $13.5 million in revenue for players in 2023, establishing itself as a growing digital economy and an economic hub in the Web3.

Revenues are withdrawn in USD via PayPal in collaboration with Tilia, a payment solution offered by Second Life, another Metaverse platform. Additionally, players can withdraw their funds using Upland’s native UPX.

The co-CEO and co-founder of Upland, Dirk Lueth, shared this information in a press release with NFTgators, stating: 

“The platform has over 3 million registered users with active participation, turning Upland into an immersive digital economy.”

Playing and selling virtual properties on Upland has allowed uplanders to make millions in profits, while the platform has formed partnerships with entities such as FIFA, UNICEF Brazil, and Susan G. Komen. 

Upland emerges as a symbol of the power of GamiFi, true ownership, and engaging digital economy.

Furthermore, Upland has announced progress in the ecosystem of user-generated content (UGC), open to all individuals. 

The platform offers players the opportunity to verify the size of the property and the potential to adapt to different structures, welcoming valuable user feedback.

The video of the roadmap for the first quarter of 2024, published on January 10, 2024, reveals that Upland will focus on automotive transportation, car races, Sparklet, and renewed seasons.

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