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As Solana Price Surges Past $180, Strong Performance Expected for this Ascending AI Crypto


If we talk about the best altcoins for 2023, there are few coins that have maintained their momentum as well as Solana (SOL). The cryptocurrency has been in the news for multiple reasons – the most recent being its rally to $191. 

Solana is a Web 3.0 platform where developers get to unleash their creativity and design high-performance dApps. 

In the coming months, analysts expect InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL) to feature among the top altcoins of the year. InQubeta deserves the attention that it’s getting as it’s among the best presales of the year. 

The Ethereum-based platform enables crypto users to invest in AI projects and helps startups grow their businesses. So far, its cryptocurrency ICO has raised more than $12.1 million.

InQubeta: Helping AI Startups Aim Bigger

InQubeta’s QUBE token is an essential part of its ecosystem as it supports both transactional and governance purposes. The platform presents a straightforward model for startup investments. 

NFTs representing startup projects are sold on the portal and crypto users buy them with QUBE tokens. After the transaction is processed, the startups receive the funds. Buyers also get the option of fractional investment, so they can divide a corpus between different projects.

It’s considered a top crypto to invest in as it simplifies crowdfunding for startups and allows them to focus on other aspects of business growth. By tapping into InQubeta’s network of professionals, startups can find mentors.

These mentors can guide them through the intricacies of the AI sector. The professionals also come in handy when startups need marketing support. Innovators can seek their help in strategizing and spreading awareness about their brand. 

The QUBE token itself is a trove of DeFi features that can drive financial prudence. The token has a deflationary model that regulates the supply during market turbulence to prevent it from impacting the asset’s returns. Under adverse market conditions, the token supply is pruned to make it scarce and support competitive prices. The token burn mechanism is activated if the supply rises during such times. Any extra tokens in circulation are promptly destroyed.

Though 65% of the QUBE token’s supply is allocated for public sale, its availability may depend on how the markets are faring because of its deflationary mechanism. 

The InQubeta team has also charted out plans for the platform’s long term development. The plans include new initiatives like launching a staking dApp and getting the token listed on exchanges. 


Solana-based meme coin Slerf’s trading volume soars

Solana is a decentralized platform where developers can find an array of tools for building dApps. The platform’s native token SOL is the sole mode of payment on the network.

Solana is being widely appreciated after its price rose to $160 in March. The last time the token’s price rose as high was in January 2022. Its price rise has given crypto users something to focus on other than investing in BTC ETFs. 

The development also made it the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, if stablecoins are excluded. Analysts believe that the price rally has a lot to do with the success of Soalna-based meme coins like BONK. 

A recent example of Solana’s meme coin mania is Slerf, which clocked a new record on its launch day. The meme coin was launched on March 19, 2024, and on Day 1 of its launch, its trading volume exceeded that of all DeFi exchanges powered by Ethereum blockchains.




Whether it is supporting one’s generational wealth or diversifying a portfolio, InQubeta and Solana are future-looking cryptocurrencies that can help their holders keep up with technology. 

The prices of the two coins have been skyrocketing due to multiple new developments. In Solana’s case, its price soaring to $191 and a massive increase in its DeFi total volume have been key drivers.

For InQubeta, its AI-centric model has worked like a charm to impress crypto enthusiasts. Its ICO further cemented users’ belief in the potential of the cryptocurrency. 

According to analysts, the tokens’ growth-oriented models give them the ammunition to outperform new altcoins, while their robust security boosts investors’ confidence.

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