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Innovative Streaming Platform DeeStream (DST) Set to Rival Twitch, Gaining Support from Ethereum (ETH) & Cardano (ADA) Investors


2024 is promising to be a year of mixed fortunes. The anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) halving slated for April has historically led to a bull market. Yet investors have been left feeling uneasy after Kucoin and two of its founders were criminally charged on various charges by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). 

With that said, DeeStream (DST) is poised to shake up the industry as it gears up to challenge Twitch’s dominance. With a unique approach to content monetization and viewer engagement, DeeStream has caught the attention of both Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) investors, signaling a potential shift in the streaming landscape. 

Are Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) investors right to think that DeeStream (DST) is the best new cryptocurrency to buy in 2023?

Ethereum (ETH) Registers Growth Despite FUD

Despite facing persistent criticism in recent months, Ethereum (ETH) continues to demonstrate signs of growth and resilience within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Ethereum (ETH) is up 5.76% in the past week and is trading at $3,544 at the time of writing. On a longer time horizon, Ethereum (ETH) gained 97% in the past year.

Despite the FUD Ethereum (ETH) has achieved notable achievements. The Dencum upgrade was a success and fees on the Ethereum (ETH) should be cheaper. Investors are hoping that Ethereum (ETH) will benefit from the Bitcoin (BTC) halving event and possible rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve in 2024.

Cardano (ADA) Experiences Significant Outflow

The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem has recently observed a significant outflow of ADA tokens held by large-scale investors, raising eyebrows among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. While the market performance of Cardano (ADA) itself appears relatively unaffected by these movements, the underlying developments hint at potential implications for its future trajectory.

The Cardano (ADA) community has complained that ADA’s price has lagged behind other leading altcoins. On the bright side, Cardano (ADA) has experienced an increase in developer activity on its network.

Can DeeStream (DST) Outshine Twitch 

DeeStream (DST), an innovative decentralized streaming platform, has all the marks of an innovative crypto project that can outperform traditional giants such as Twitch. Although DeeStream (DST) is still in the early stage of its presale, it has received the backing of major cryptocurrency holders like Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA).

DeeStream (DST) allows content creators to connect and monetize their audience. Users can subscribe and access exclusive content on the streaming. Moreover, users can resell content on DeeStream (DST).

Analysts have predicted that DeeStream (DST) could outshine traditional streaming services. Investors are currently flocking to get their hands on DeeStream (DST) 

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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