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The bullish cryptocurrency traders are flocking to Bitbot’s ICO in the context of Bitcoin news


Italian cryptocurrency bulls have been closely watching Bitcoin news headlines for a catalyst to push the market higher, and they may have found it.

The news has inspired Italian traders to participate in the Bitbot ICO in anticipation of a parabolic run during the year. As the world’s first non-custodial trading bot on Telegram, Bitbot is considered one of the best cryptocurrency presales of this year after raising, to date, the amount of $1.8m.

Let’s discover how Bitbot could transform the trading bot sector and what investors could expect from the presale in 2024.

Bitcoin news favor bullish cryptocurrency traders in Italy

With Bitcoin recently hitting a new all-time high above $70k, the bullish sentiment in cryptocurrencies hasn’t been this electrifying in a long time. Even though Bitcoin has experienced a correction below $70k, rumors of an upcoming event that will act as a catalyst have Italian investors on edge. 

It’s not about the halving, but about an impending liquidity crisis on the supply side. According to CryptoQuant founder Ki Young Ju, Bitcoin ETFs have absorbed over 450,000 Bitcoin, which means more than 30 billion dollars locked up. For comparison, exchanges and miners hold about 3 million BTC. Since ETF inflows show no signs of slowing down, the looming question is about the decrease in supply.

This imminent storm has pushed Italian investors to look for the next big thing; tokens destined to skyrocket in the so-called “altseason” that usually follows Bitcoin’s highs. And guess what? The trading bot arena on Telegram is booming. 

Furthermore, since the sector is still in its early stages and probably very underestimated (despite the market value of over 1 billion dollars), Bitbot’s BITBOT token should easily be able to enter and claim the throne. Considered by many as the best cryptocurrency presale of the year, the timing of Bitbot’s entry is perfect.

Bitbot: the pioneer of custody-free trading bots that investors love

The trading bot market on Telegram is one of the fastest growing crypto sectors: recently it reached the incredible trading volume of 12 billion dollars since September 2023 and on March 18 it marked its most extraordinary day, with a volume of over 700 million dollars. 

But it’s not all roses and flowers. The market giants – Maestro, Banana Gun, and Unibot – have been hit by bugs or hacks, leading to an overall loss of 1 million dollars for their users. These incidents highlight a clear vulnerability: these bots held users’ funds, making them easy targets.

Aware of the seriousness of this problem, Bitbot is the pioneer of a much safer path. In collaboration with KnightSafe, a decentralized and open-source self-custody solution that safeguards over 28 million dollars in assets, Bitbot presents itself as the world’s first custody-free trading bot on Telegram. In practice, this means that traders retain full control of their funds until the execution of operations. For a more in-depth analysis of this revolutionary approach, a post on Medium is available for the curious.

Bitbot doesn’t stop at just improving security. With its Snipe function, it leverages artificial intelligence (another rapidly growing sector) to identify signals on the chain of little-known bullish cryptocurrency projects, allowing users to automatically enter a position as soon as these projects are listed. 

Bitbot offers even more earning opportunities. The revenue sharing program, which offers BITBOT holders up to 50% of the platform’s daily revenue, and the referral program, which rewards users with a 15% lifetime bonus on their referral’s operations. 

With daily profits in the sector regularly exceeding one million dollars and a volume of about 12,000 dollars per user, these two initiatives alone could make owning the BITBOT token one of the most profitable coins, both in the long and short term. And this is before even considering the potential long-term price appreciation of the BITBOT token.

Why Bitbot could be the best crypto presale of 2024 in Italy

Italian investors are diving headfirst into the Bitbot ICO, predicting that it will be the best cryptocurrency presale of the year. Bullish cryptocurrency prices have already sparked massive growth in the trading bot sector, as we will see below. And with a possible Bitcoin liquidity crisis on the horizon, the sector could be ripe for an unexpected explosion. 

The story of Banana Gun, despite a difficult start, has recently reached a new all-time high and rewarded presale investors with stunning returns of 60 times, clearly indicating the untapped potential of the sector.

The story of Unibot suggests similar levels of bullishness for Bitbot. Despite losing 40% of its token volume after a $500,000 hack, the price of its tokens is still up 70% since launch. At its all-time high, it offered gains 200 times higher than the early presale investors.

With its strong focus on security and the use of advanced artificial intelligence to identify the most promising opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies, Bitbot seems very underrated in this context. Currently priced at $0.0141 in phase 8 of a 15-phase presale, Bitbot has a token price growth of 41.84% before reaching the final presale price of $0.02.

Considering the potential of the sector and the impressive returns that early investors have obtained from similar projects – even with their flaws – Bitbot is ready to rise when it arrives on exchanges this year. Using Banana Gun’s impressive performance as a benchmark, a 10-fold gain this year could be prudent, while gains equal to or greater than 50 times are the most realistic bet.

The presale of Bitbot is increasing rapidly. Don’t miss out.

Cryptocurrency traders in Italy could be onto the next big thing with Bitbot. After all, in its presale phase it has already secured a huge social following of over 110k on Twitter and over 20,000 followers on Telegram.

With Bitbot having easily surpassed the $1 million mark, savvy Italian investors are taking advantage of the opportunity to multiply their earnings after the presale, as the BITBOT token is likely to dominate the trading bot market on Telegram and skyrocket in the wake of the 2024 bull run.

It is unlikely that BITBOT will drop so low again. To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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