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Galeon crypto: revolutionize healthcare with artificial intelligence (AI)

What is the innovative crypto project that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) called Galeon? How does it work and where can it be purchased? Let’s see all these details and much more below. 

Crypto Galeon project: AI at the service of health

The Galeon project, promoted by Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services), aims to revolutionize healthcare in Community Homes through the use of artificial intelligence.

The project has several important purposes, among these we see the simplification of the diagnosis and treatment activities of healthcare professionals operating in territorial assistance. Furthermore, enhancing proactive management and the well-being of the population through new care approaches.

Finally, customize care and promote continuity in assistance. The innovative crypto platform allows to fully monitor the assisted individuals, integrating the monitoring of each professional’s assisted individuals.

Another peculiarity is the classification and stratification of the assisted: through algorithms of artificial intelligence, the platform categorizes the assisted based on their characteristics.

Then there are automated notifications, where the system alerts doctors about situations that require specific interventions, and the customization of care paths. This allows for booking appointments, check-ups, and the prescription of pharmacological therapies.

Communication is bidirectional with Galeon: patients can communicate with healthcare professionals through a dedicated app. 

Support is based on artificial intelligence: the app provides information, suggestions, and continuous support using advanced technologies. In addition, there is access to health information. 

This means that patients can access instructions to follow the prescribed treatments in a complete way.

In summary, the Galeon project represents a significant advancement in healthcare innovation, improving communication between professionals and patients thanks to artificial intelligence.

Analysis of Galeon (GALEON): performances and market data

The Galeon tokens can be traded on decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The most popular exchange for Galeon is PancakeSwap (v2), with a GALEON/WBNB currency pair that has seen a trading volume of 190,866 USD in the last 24 hours.

The daily trading volume, in the last 24 hours, was 1,455,159 USD, marking an increase of 25.80% compared to the previous day.

The all-time high price reached by Galeon (GALEON) was 0.04084 USD, recorded yesterday, with the current price being 8.46% lower than that value.

The lowest price ever recorded for Galeon (GALEON), on the other hand, was 0.009506 USD, highlighting an increase of 293.30% compared to the current price. 

Currently, the market capitalization of Galeon (GALEON) is 25,445,149 USD, ranking at #1073 on CoinGecko.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of Galeon (GALEON) is 96,621,441 USD, considering a maximum of 4 billion tokens GALEON in circulation.

With a price increase of 60.20% in the last 7 days, Galeon (GALEON) is outperforming the global cryptocurrency market (+6.60%) and similar currencies in the BNB Chain ecosystem (+0.00%).

The 500,000 euro financing

Recently Galeon announced a funding of 500,000 euros with no counterpart for drug reuse. Galeon is therefore launching a global appeal for applications from doctors and scientists who have observed potential drug reuse.

Drug repurposing involves the use of known drugs to treat diseases different from those for which they were initially developed. This initiative aligns with the core values of DeSci (Decentralized Science), promoting a borderless science based on the Internet.

After the selection of projects by a scientific committee, Galeon will finance studies to scientifically validate the reuse of drugs. This represents a novelty in the startup landscape and is the first use case for Galeon’s DAO.

Drug reuse offers significant promises for faster and more convenient treatments. 

However, traditional funding models often have limitations due to centralized control and misalignment of priorities. Galeon’s DeSci approach seeks to subvert this paradigm.

The vision of Galeon is to decentralize access to secure medical data among hospitals, encouraging a global community of researchers and innovators, known as Galeon Pioneers. 

This promotes a collaborative environment in which scientific innovation can thrive.

Galeon is looking for promising candidates for drug repurposing, and up to 500,000 euros will be allocated to fund essential studies. 

The projects will be selected by an independent scientific committee, with the participation of the Galeon DAO, co-governed by patients (50%) and $GALEON token holders (50%). 

This ensures that funding is directed towards research with the greatest potential benefit for patients.

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