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Revolution in DeFi Trading: the crypto DEX PancakeSwap integrates Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP Protocols

PancakeSwap, a leading multi-chain decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), has recently enhanced its platform by integrating Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols, marking a significant evolution in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. 

This integration allows PancakeSwap users to use advanced order types, such as guaranteed price execution and the ability to split large orders into smaller, more manageable trades.

Integration of dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols with the crypto exchange PancakeSwap

Orbs, known for its innovative level 3 solutions that enhance smart contract capabilities beyond conventional limits, has developed the dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols. These protocols enable more sophisticated trading strategies within the DeFi space. 

The dLIMIT protocol offers operators advanced order types that are executed based on specific market conditions without incurring additional costs. 

Meanwhile, the dTWAP protocol facilitates the execution of orders at the time-weighted average price, a popular strategy in algorithmic trading.

The integration of these protocols in PancakeSwap is not the first of its kind, but follows successful implementations in other prominent DEXs like QuickSwap, SpookySwap, and Thena. 

This trend underlines the increasing adoption of Orbs trading solutions in the market and consolidates its position as a leader in DeFi innovation DeFi.

With an impressive volume of weekly transactions of 6 billion dollars, PancakeSwap stands out as a pivotal platform in the DeFi ecosystem, supporting EVM-compatible chains like BNB Chain, Ethereum, zkSync, and Arbitrum. 

The addition of the dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols not only expands the existing offerings of the exchange, but also provides its vast user base with more versatile trading options.

According to Ran Hammer, VP of Business Development at Orbs, “The integration of dLIMIT and dTWAP in PancakeSwap brings new powerful trading features to millions of DeFi users.” 

During the process, it strengthens the status of the protocol as the preeminent solution to support advanced order types.”

User experience and market impact

For users, the integration of these protocols means a more intuitive trading experience. dLIMIT orders allow traders to execute transactions based on real-time market conditions, prices, and gas fees.

Users can easily set the desired parameters for their trades, review them, and then securely place their orders. 

DTWAP orders, on the other hand, require users to specify the number of trades they want to execute, with the user interface automatically calculating the necessary intervals and the total number of transactions required.

This simplified integration not only simplifies the trading process but also ensures that users can manage their trades more effectively, improving order execution without sacrificing the decentralized nature of the platform.

Orbs operates as a completely decentralized and open blockchain infrastructure maintained by a permissionless network of validators. 

Its unique position as a decentralized execution layer that sits between existing layer 1 and layer 2 solutions and the application layer offers an innovative approach to enhance blockchain functionality without requiring liquidity shifts to new chains.

Orbs continues to push in blockchain technology by supporting projects that align with its vision of a decentralized web (Web3). This includes not only enhancing trading capabilities on DEX


In conclusion, the integration of Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols in PancakeSwap marks a significant turning point for decentralized trading, offering users advanced tools to effectively navigate and capitalize on volatile markets.

These technologies not only improve the trading experience, but also strengthen the concept of autonomy and security in DeFi, demonstrating the potential of Orbs’ innovative solutions in redefining the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain sector. 

With these integrations, PancakeSwap once again confirms itself as a market leader, providing users with the necessary tools to optimize their trading strategies and make the most of the opportunities that the world of cryptocurrencies has to offer.