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Bitget Wallet Makes Waves in European Market During Paris Blockchain Week Showcase

Bitget Wallet, a leading Web3 wallet, made a significant impact at the Paris Blockchain Week 2024. With a prominent booth showcasing its robust ecosystem and latest product innovations such as its swap function, integrated inscriptions tool and DApp browser, Bitget Wallet engaged with attendees from across the globe, fostering meaningful discussions and connections across the Web3 community. 

The event also saw Bitget Wallet hosting its very own vibrant after-party by the Seine river, which facilitated a diversity of networking opportunities between Web3 users, fans, and investors alike.

During the conference, Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, highlighted the dynamic growth and potential of the crypto industry in Europe. He emphasized Bitget Wallet’s commitment to the region and its strategic plans for expansion, including the forging of partnerships with local projects and key influencers.

“Europe is a highly significant market for the cryptocurrency industry,” Alvin says in an on-site media interview. “We’re observing particularly notable user activity and engagement in the region, so we’re optimistic about growing our presence here.”

Certainly, centralized exchanges (CEXs) may hold a stronger foothold with a larger market share, however decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are also growing in user volume. At the conference, Bitget Wallet highlighted the capabilities of its core Swap features, including its ability to aggregate liquidity across hundreds of DEXs and cross-chain bridges to offer seamless and efficient cross-chain services across dozens of blockchains. 

Bitget Wallet also recently recorded a surge in transactions in the first quarter of this year, surpassing even that of Metamask and placing the wallet as an industry leader in this aspect.

With a relatively mature Web3 market, users in Europe are generally familiar with on-chain tools and showcase a strong interest in blockchains, as evidenced by the remarkable turnout of projects and visitors alike at Paris Blockchain Week. 

Recent data by Chainalysis reveals that Central, Northern, and Western Europe (CNWE) emerged as the second-largest cryptocurrency economy in the world in 2023, contributing to 17.6% of the global transaction volume between July 2022 and June 2023 with an estimated $1 trillion in on-chain value during this period.

As an all-in-one, full-stack decentralized Web3 Wallet, Bitget Wallet aims to cater to this growing appetite for cryptocurrencies in Europe and across the globe, offering a robust suite of product services including wallet functionality, swap, inscription platform, NFT marketplace, DApp browser, incentivized task interaction, and more. 

With a focus on discovering new assets and opportunities, Bitget Wallet cements itself as a frontrunner in facilitating expedient integration with new blockchains and emerging tokens.

According to statistics from various app stores, Bitget Wallet has surpassed 20 million users worldwide, making it one of the most-used Web3 wallets currently. Recently, the wallet also launched its BWB airdrop program, which gained significant attention in the market. A Token Generation Event (TGE) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is expected in the second quarter.

“The upcoming launch of our BWB token will further enhance user engagement and participation within Bitget Wallet’s decentralized ecosystem,” Alvin said at the event. “This will not only offer unique benefits and opportunities for holders, but also serve as a gesture of appreciation for the loyal users who have accompanied our growth over the past years.”

Bitget Wallet’s active participation in the Paris Blockchain Week not only spotlighted its innovative solutions but also underscored the thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem in Europe. Moving forward, Bitget Wallet remains steadfast in its commitment to bolstering the local crypto economy and spearheading innovation across the European market.

About Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet is Asia’s largest and a leading global Web3 wallet with over 20 million users worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including asset management, intelligent market data, swap trading, launchpad, inscribing, and DApp browsing. 

Currently, it supports more than 100 major blockchains, hundreds of EVM-compatible chains, and over 250,000 cryptocurrencies. Bitget Wallet enhances liquidity by aggregating it across hundreds of top DEXs and cross-chain bridges, facilitating seamless trading on nearly 50 blockchains.