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Crypto talks: the interview with Pavel Durov and the new Telegram channel

Crypto news: in the month of February, Pavel Durov was the subject of an interview conducted by Tucker Carlson, after which the latter immediately launched a Telegram channel inspired by Durov’s ideas. 

We underline that only a fraction of the original three-hour interview has been included in the final version. Let’s see all the details below. 

The interview with Pavel Durov by Tucker Carlson: the Telegram channel and other crypto news

As anticipated, Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram, recently granted an extensive interview to American journalist Tucker Carlson. Although the meeting lasted up to three hours, only a brief portion was included in the final version.

Durov has always shared his motivation to speak with journalists representing a wide variety of political opinions, thus maintaining a neutral position. 

However, in the month of February, he held a three-hour interview with a journalist with liberal ideas and on the same day he had a dialogue with Tucker Carlson, notoriously conservative. 

This is assumed in order to maintain a balance in engaging the audience and in telling the story of Telegram.

Durov then announced that the interview with Carlson would soon be published in video format, a rarity for him, and invited the audience not to miss it.

Just seven hours after its publication, the interview has already attracted the attention of over 430,000 viewers.

During the interview, Durov predicted that the number of Telegram users could reach one billion within a year. 

He also expressed doubts about the security of platforms developed in the United States, highlighting the excessive attention of the FBI towards him and the attempts of American intelligence agencies to recruit his technical employees.

Furthermore, she shared personal experiences, including being assaulted on the street in the United States and having her ideas imitated by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, while both accused each other of lying about their plans.

Further details on the interview with Durov 

As we know, Tucker Carlson is known as a pro-Russian propagandist. Not surprisingly, he recently interviewed Putin for the Twitter account of Elon Musk.

Previously, Carlson, expelled from Fox News, has repeatedly claimed that the Bucha genocide was an orchestrated attack, blaming Ukraine for the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant.

Furthermore, after the interview, Durov advertised Tucker Carlson’s official Telegram channel, where the interview was announced. The channel was created on March 7th and has already reached 25,000 subscribers, both users and bots.

As already mentioned, Pavel Durov, also known as Daddy Durov, tends to avoid the spotlight, preferring to maintain a low profile.

His rare appearances at conferences and interviews, however, are extremely valuable, offering a rich source of information and proving very interesting to listen to.

Just like in this latest interview, where Pavel shares fragments of his career in the field of computer science, including his experience with VK, which he defines as the “Facebook of Russia” even though he doesn’t particularly like this definition. 

Furthermore, he recounts significant episodes of his life, including his encounter with the FBI and their interest in Telegram, thus offering a more in-depth look into his experiences and thoughts.

The future of privacy: Pavel Durov and the vision of a secure world

In an era of growing distrust towards government surveillance, Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, is outlining the frontier of privacy through the development of hardware inspired by cryptography, aimed at ensuring secure communications.

Durov conceived this vision in response to unsettling encounters with the United States government, which highlighted the vulnerabilities of privacy in the digital age.

Having left Russia in 2014 due to government interference, Durov had nerve-wracking experiences in the United States, where he was the subject of repeated approaches by the FBI.

His concerns escalated when an engineer from Telegram was pressured to insert a backdoor into the app, allowing unidentified entities to monitor user communications.

Despite the threats, Durov remains optimistic about the potential of technological solutions for privacy protection, imagining secure devices for communications that would allow users to communicate without fear of interceptions.

This initiative aligns with Telegram’s recent progress in integrating cryptocurrencies into its platform, as highlighted by the introduction of the payment feature using the The Open Network blockchain, whose native crypto is Toncoin (TON).

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