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STEPN GO: the new lifestyle app that pays to move with NFT sneakers

The creators of STEPN have launched a new social-lifestyle app STEPN GO, with which users can earn by walking, jogging, and running with digital NFT sneakers. Along with the new product, the company also introduces the new GO GAME TOKEN (GGT).

STEPN GO: the “Move-To-Earn” with NFT sneakers

FSL, the creators of the famous app STEPN, have launched a new social-lifestyle app in the “Move-to-Earn” category: STEPN GO.

In practice, through STEPN GO, users can earn by walking, jogging, and running with digital sneakers NFT.

Not only that, but today the Whitepaper of the app and the Tokenomics model were released, which introduces a new game token: GO GAME TOKEN (GGT).

Along with gains in GGT, a PvP game function will allow users to earn also in GMT, the token of the FSL ecosystem.

With STEPN GO, the company wants to involve its community more and more in Web3, by incorporating social elements. Among the various ones, there is the “Haus System”, a lending system that allows users to share their NFT Sneaker with friends and family who are new to the app, and to split their earnings.

Alternatively, another feature is the “Interactive Map”, which will allow users to see the avatars of other players and add them as friends within the platform. 

STEPN GO: the app that pays users to move with NFT sneakers

The STEPN GO app arrives after the success of the first original STEPN app, launched in 2021, which has conquered over 5.6 million registered users, who own over 1 million Sneaker NFT.

A tal proposito, Yawn Rong, co-founder di FSL, ha commented:

“La comunità di STEPN ha richiesto funzioni sociali all’interno dell’applicazione fin dai primi giorni di STEPN. Siamo quindi entusiasti di svelare queste nuove funzionalità, che porteranno STEPN GO ad essere adottato a livello mainstream. Oltre al meccanismo Haus e alla mappa interattiva, implementeremo anche elementi PvP all’interno dell’app. La community è al centro di tutto ciò che facciamo in FSL e siamo entusiasti di annunciare oggi questa pietra miliare, che rafforza il nostro impegno a potenziare e coinvolgere i nostri utenti.”

Anche, Jerry Huang, co-founder di FSL, ha aggiunto:

“With STEPN GO, anyone can enroll their friends and family in web3 without having to create a wallet or purchase NFTs. Exercise will be more fun and rewarding. We will combine fitness with many enjoyable experiences, including having customizable avatars with unique outfits!”

The collaboration with Adidas

Il lancio di STEPN GO si aggiunge alle ultime novità del progetto crypto settore gaming di STEPN. 

And in fact, last month, STEPN announced its new one-year collaboration with the famous sportswear brand Adidas, launching together the Genesis Sneakers NFT collection. 

It is about 1000 pezzi in the Non-Fungible Token format, developed on the Solana blockchain. The new collection is sold on the MOOAR marketplace, at the price of 10,000 GMT each. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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