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The price of Semler Scientific shares soars after the company announced it had purchased Bitcoin

Recently, the price of Semler Scientific’s shares skyrocketed by 40% in a single day, after the company announced that it had purchased 581 Bitcoin (40 million dollars) as a form of liquidity reserve.

Dopo che Michael Saylor ha sposato l’ideale del Bitcoin Standard con la sua Microstrategy, sempre più compagnie pubbliche iniziano a valutare l’idea di investire nella famosa moneta crittografica, contribuendo all’espansione della tecnologia e all’adozione di massa.

Let’s see everything in detail below.

In the financial markets, the terms “bull” and “bear” are used to describe the trends of the market. A “bull” market is characterized by rising prices, while a “bear” market is characterized by falling prices. Understanding these terms is crucial for investors.

Semler Scientific acquires 581 Bitcoin as a liquidity reserve and its stock price grows by 40% in one day

Semler Scientific (SMLR), a healthcare company that develops, produces, and markets products and services that help evaluate and treat chronic diseases, announced on Tuesday, May 28, that it has added Bitcoin as an asset for its riserve di cassa.

The healthcare company, listed on the Nasdaq, has chosen to purchase 581 Bitcoin, valued at 40 million dollars at the time of the transaction, as its “primary treasury reserve asset”.

Immediately the price of its shares exploded by +40%, marking one of the most important increases of the day at the stock exchange, adding 30 million dollars of capitalization to the company.

The stock SMLR, which showed graphical weakness since the beginning of March, quickly went from 23.32 dollars (closing price on Friday, May 24) to 33.26 dollars, before slightly retracing and closing the session at 29 dollars.

It is also worth noting how the trading volumes have exploded for the Semler Scientific stock, recording in just two days a tenfold increase compared to the volumes of the previous week.

Il mercato bull è caratterizzato da un aumento dei prezzi, mentre il mercato bear è caratterizzato da una diminuzione dei prezzi.

The consiglio di amministrazione di Semler Scientific, insieme all’alta dirigenza, dopo aver esaminato con cura le caratteristiche di Bitcoin valutando anche opzioni alternative, ha deciso di passare all’acquisto del crypto asset viste le sue capacità di apprezzamento e la sua qualità in veste di bene rifugio.

Ecco quanto dichiarato in comunicato stampa:

“After studying various alternatives, we decided that holding bitcoin would be the best use of our excess money. Our bitcoin treasury strategy and the purchase of bitcoin emphasize our belief that bitcoin is a reliable store of value and a compelling investment”.

The società ha dichiarato di continuare a generare entrate e ad accumulare riserve di liquidità,  con Bitcoin che fungerà da asset principale per le partecipazioni di tesoreria.

During the operation Semler also referred to the growing institutionalization and the increasing worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrency, which after receiving the approval of spot ETFs by the SEC in January 2024, has become a fully regulated asset and open to investments in the United States.

Il prezzo delle azioni della Semler Scientific è continuato a crescere il giorno successivo alla notizia, creando un precedente per l’inversione del trend di breve termine e riportando le quotazioni sopra la media mobile esponenziale a 50 periodi su time frame giornaliero.

At the time of writing the article, the stock is priced at 32.24 dollars.

Daily chart of Semler stock price, Nasdaq

More and more public companies dealing with Bitcoin 

La scelta della società di healthcare Semler Scientific di acquistare Bitcoin, a cui è seguita un folle rialzo del prezzo delle sue azioni, arriva dopo che molte altre compagnie pubbliche hanno deciso di utilizzare l’asset crittografico come forma di riserva per la liquidità.

Everything started in 2020 when Michael Saylor and his company Microstrategy used for the first time part of the excess cash to purchase 21,454 BTC at an average price of 11,650 dollars and then continued with a DCA plan over the next 4 years.

Today we count 37 purchase transactions by Microstrategy for a total of 214,400 BTC, for a total cost of 7.5 billion dollars and a profit of 6.9 billion dollars (+91.76%).

Furthermore, since Saylor’s company adopted the Bitcoin standard, the price of its MSTR shares has increased by approximately 950%.

Source: https://saylortracker.com/

Dopo Microstrategy,  sempre più compagnie pubbliche si sono lanciate all’avanscoperta di Bitcoin e del mondo degli asset digitali.

According to Bitcointreasuries.net, there are about 41 public companies worldwide that have disclosed over the years strategic investments in this field by purchasing at least 10 BTC.

One large slice is represented by the producers of mining, which represent 8 of the top 12 companies by number of Bitcoin held on the balance sheet, with Marathon Digital ranking second with a whopping 17,631 BTC.

Recently, in addition to Semler Scientific, we have seen two other entities added to the list: Mercadolibre and Metaplanet.

The first, an e-commerce and online auction company based in Argentina but incorporated in the United States, purchased 431.7 BTC worth 85 million dollars, while the second, a Japanese company engaged in web3 and the metaverse, added 117.7 BTC worth 38.6 million dollars.

Some companies have been criticized for pushing speculation on the price of their own shares by announcing Bitcoin purchase campaigns as a form of reserve asset.

In particular, Nilam Resources, a North American gold mining company, has been accused of excessively involving its stakeholders to purchase its stock with a “publicity stunt” that saw the same miner considering the acquisition of 24,800 BTC.

The same company was forced to release a press release in which it announced its withdrawal from the purchase, after being attacked by the media.

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