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Trezor presents the new crypto wallet Safe 5 and launches a one-to-one onboarding service

Today, the well-known producer of hardware crypto wallet Trezor presented two major innovations during the BTC Prague conference in the Czech capital.

This is about Safe 5 and Safe Expert, respectively a new model of innovative signing device with security and aesthetic advantages, and a new support service that offers personalized online onboarding sessions, to be carried out individually with a member of the Trezor team.

Let’s take a closer look at what these two new pieces developed by the company belonging to the SatoshiLabs group entail.

All the details below.

Trezor presents Safe 5: the new crypto wallet with a focus on security

During the canonical annual conference “BTC Prague dedicated to the latest developments in the crypto and Bitcoin community, the provider of non-custodial solutions Trezor presented its new next-generation hardware wallet model, named Trezor Safe 5.

The device features a large color touchscreen and Trezor Touch tactile motor with EAL 6+ certification, making the product more in line with the aesthetic standards of the tech world in 2024.  

Furthermore, the entire Gorilla-Glass surface protects the device from scratches and damage, thus safeguarding a visually appealing interface screen.

On the front of security informatics, as in other similar products, the Secure Element protects against physical attacks (e.g., theft and tampering) the confidential information of private keys, preventing an offline attack vector.

The highlight of the Trezor Safe 5 is, however, the new advanced 20-word backup process, which is more robust compared to other hardware wallet solutions, while at the same time facilitating the recovery process with two backup options: single-share or multi-share. 

The backup is created using Shamir’s secret sharing to divide the main secret key into multiple unique shares.

Users can decide how many unique shares the advanced backup consists of and how many are necessary to restore the wallet. Even if some shares are lost, users can still access their cryptocurrencies.

It is important to emphasize that the new model of the Trezor Safe 5 wallet will still support other legacy backup processes if requested by users.

Then, the updated word list contains carefully selected words that are easily distinguishable from one another, offering a high level of entropy.

Trezor Safe 5 supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokens of various types, as well as offering users many DeFi in-wallet interactions such as liquid staking.

The more experienced users can then tap into Trezor’s extensive network of third-party services, allowing them to fully customize their cryptographic experience according to their specific needs.

For Bitcoin maximalists like Michael Saylor, Trezor is about to introduce new options dedicated to removing codes and functionalities not related to the first cryptocurrency on the market, to offer a smooth and optimized user experience.

The new wallet is available in different types of design with colors in Black Graphite, Green Beryl, and Violet Ore. Each prototype is enclosed in Gorilla Glass that protects the screen from bumps and physical damage.

Trezor Safe 5 is available for pre-order starting today at the price of 169 dollars, only in the color Black Graphite, while the other two colors will be available at the beginning of July.
All pre-orders will be processed approximately by mid-August.

Trezor Safe 5 crypto wallet
Source: https://trezor.io/trezor-safe-5

Regarding the launch of the new product, Matěj Žák, CEO of Trezor, stated:

Understandably, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do not trust exchanges and are looking for a simple and secure way to interact with their cryptographic assets[…] we saw that there was an opportunity to bring something new to the sector: here is Trezor Safe 5, the ultimate hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. users looking for daily utility along with the highest level of security and effortless usability.”

Trezor Expert: a one-to-one onboarding service for less experienced users

During the conference “BTC Prague” the CEO of Trezor presented a second innovation introduced by his company responsible for the production of hardware non-custodial wallets.

Let’s talk about Trezor Expert, an interesting one-to-one consulting service designed for all those less experienced users who do not have the basic knowledge necessary to configure their Trezor wallets.

Although this practice is considered very simple by IT experts and the degen of the crypto world, setting up the hardware device and safeguarding the private key turns out to be a very complex step for those who are unfamiliar with these logics.

Trezor Expert indeed aims to strengthen the trust of users as they begin their journey in cryptocurrency self-custody, alleviating customer concerns about mistakes and providing them with adequate knowledge to protect their cryptocurrencies effectively.

In detail, the onboarding sessions will take place remotely online, with a member of the Trezor team guiding the customer through the setup process of one of the wallets produced by the same parent company.

The service is available seven days a week, including weekends, and users can book a slot at their convenience, regardless of where they are in the world.

The cost to access Trezor Expert is 99 dollars and it can be purchased directly on the Trezor e-shop.

Obviously, the Trezor Expert sessions are designed to ensure that only the customer, and no one else, knows the wallet backup and other sensitive information.

Trezor Expert
Source: https://trezor.io/trezor-expert-session

Trezor Expert meets the growing needs of the new audience that is approaching the world of cryptocurrencies at this moment.

To truly tackle the adoption of the masses and support the growth of this sector, more and more services of this type are needed to accompany the end user on their introductory journey into the crypto world, offering a simple and pleasant experience.

As stated, in fact, by Matěj Žák of Trezor during the conference: 

“For many people, their journey into the world of cryptocurrencies begins on centralized exchanges before moving on to take responsibility for storing their own cryptocurrencies on hardware wallets. We have seen this happen many times after the collapse of high-profile exchanges when our sales suddenly increased.

But the newcomers to hardware wallets sometimes lack experience, knowledge, and confidence in creating hardware wallets, turning to social media and Internet searches to help them during the process. We wanted to offer customers access to personalized guidance from a trusted and reputable brand, recognized for its commitment to security.”

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