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Bitcoin miners: ideal partners for building artificial intelligence (AI) data centers

Bitcoin miners are emerging as strategic partners for the construction of data centers dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). 

Thanks to their experience in managing large quantities of energy and large-scale operations, miners can offer significant support to companies that wish to develop AI infrastructure. According to a recent report, Bitcoin miners have demonstrated that they possess the necessary resources to facilitate this technological transition.

Bitcoin miners and energy suppliers in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry

A crucial factor that makes Bitcoin miners interesting partners for AI data centers is their ability to secure large power supplies. Bitcoin mining requires enormous amounts of energy, leading miners to establish strong relationships with energy suppliers and invest in robust energy infrastructures. These skills can be transferred to AI data centers, which also require high amounts of energy to operate effectively.

Bitcoin miners often have access to renewable and low-cost energy sources, such as hydroelectric or solar power, which can be used to sustainably power AI data centers. This synergy not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to a more eco-friendly approach to data center management.

Besides energy, Bitcoin miners possess advanced operational capabilities that can be used to build and manage AI data centers. Their expertise in handling sophisticated hardware, solving complex technical problems, and optimizing operations to maximize efficiency is highly transferable. These skills allow for the design of highly efficient data centers, capable of handling large volumes of data and intensive workloads typical of AI applications.

Evaluations by Bernstein on Iris Energy and Core Scientific

The brokerage firm Bernstein has recently initiated coverage of the miners Iris Energy and Core Scientific with an “outperform” rating. This evaluation reflects Bernstein’s confidence in these miners’ ability to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the expansion of AI data centers. Iris Energy and Core Scientific are recognized for their advanced mining infrastructures and their ability to innovate and adapt to new technologies.

Bernstein predicts that these companies will not only continue to thrive in the Bitcoin mining sector, but also become key players in building infrastructure for artificial intelligence. This dual expertise could make them protagonists in a rapidly expanding market, offering significant competitive advantages.

In addition to the interest in AI data centers, Bernstein remains bull on the future of Bitcoin. The broker predicts that the value of the token will reach $200,000 by 2025, $500,000 by 2029, and over $1 million by 2033. These projections are based on various factors, including the growing adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value and the expansion of its use in financial and technological applications.

This optimistic perspective on the price of Bitcoin also reflects confidence in the fact that the miners will continue to play a crucial role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the demand for Bitcoin grows, the miners will be incentivized to improve their operations and explore new business opportunities, such as AI data centers.


Bitcoin miners are in a unique position to become strategic partners in the construction of artificial intelligence data centers. Their ability to manage large power supplies and their advanced operational capabilities make them ideal to support the expansion of AI infrastructures. The recent interest from Bernstein in Iris Energy and Core Scientific highlights the potential of these miners in the new technological landscape.

Furthermore, the bull forecasts on the price of Bitcoin suggest that the mining sector will continue to thrive, offering further opportunities for growth and innovation. As the world prepares for a future increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence, Bitcoin miners are ready to play a key role in building the technological foundations necessary to support this evolution.