Weekly horoscope about Aries


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week: you feel full of energy, all to devote to travel and movement, perhaps finding yourself the protagonist of some metaverse in which you can express your talents to the maximum. More in love pump in the middle part: your thoughts and relationships are put under scrutiny, evaluating who and how they can really support your projects for the improvement of your life status. Try not to obsess or demand too much from the people around you. The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on Friday, 9/12, asks you to inwardly reorganize the enlightenments you’ve gained from your latest discoveries. Weekend with the mood in pump&dump: on the one hand you would like to devote more to your team to organize together the next goals, but on the other, your instincts tell you that you are one who “fights” better alone! What will you do?