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A blockchain game for Major League Baseball

The US League aims for something like CryptoKitties based on Ethereum, through a DApp made by Lucid Sight

Ten state channels solutions for the blockchain

With so-called state channels, user interactions are moved out of blockchain technology without increasing the risk between participants.

A new exchange Rare Bits , a competitor to ebay

A new exchange platform with online sales takes off. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to eliminate the barriers between crypto and consumers.

The future of smart contracts is called ERC721 tokens

The new tokens provide copyright protection for works of art or professional activities. They can also be used in other fields, such as real estate

Cryptocup against corruption in sport

Predictions on the World Cup games of CryptoCup rely on Ethereum to combat corruption in sports betting

Loom Network, sidechains saving blockchains

The problems of scalability of peer-to-peer networks can be solved through the use of side chains.

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