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Miami Devcon: a new event with Akon and Tim Draper

Participants will have the opportunity to stay informed on the latest happenings in the tech world and work towards solutions for the greater good

Tim Draper confirms the bullish bitcoin prediction

During an interview with CNBC, the American investor expressed his view on the price

New crypto investments for Tim Draper

The well-known entrepreneur has invested in the company that organises the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles

Tim Draper vs Jamie Dimon on digital currencies

The well-known investor had no kind words for the CEO of JP Morgan

Optimistic forecasting of Bitcoin’s price

A couple of decidedly very optimistic forecasts from two prominent bitcoiners

Draper gives out 1 million in BTC

This is a promotion related to the Blockchain Summit in October

Netflix may invest in bitcoin

This is claimed by Tim Draper, who says that more creatively and innovatively managed companies may want to buy BTC to protect themselves from inflationary risks

Unstoppable Domains arrive on Coinbase

Tim Draper himself, who has invested in the project, has praised the new initiative

Blockchain Valley Ventures joins DVN Beta

Swiss venture capital fund joins the global VC network set up by Tim Draper

FinTech on the Block: Meet HSBC, Nasdaq and other iconic companies

During the two-day event in San Francisco, people will be able to meet Tim Draper and Jeff Thomas

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