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Unstoppable Domains arrive on Coinbase

Unstoppable Domains announced yesterday on Twitter that Coinbase can now manage the ecosystem of these domains.

It should be remembered that Unstoppable Domains are decentralized domains based on blockchain, and indeed have .crypto extension for those based on the Ethereum blockchain, and .zil extension for those based on the Zilliqa blockchain.

They not only allow to create a decentralized platform for one’own content, but they also allow to associate different crypto addresses and to provide one’s own domain name as the payment address.

These domains are very easy to use and can be managed on the platform, and now the mechanism will be even simpler because it will be possible to interface with them via Coinbase.

Unstoppable Domains features on Coinbase

Through the wallet, in fact, it will be possible to buy and manage them with ease.

These domains can be bought by anyone, either through traditional payments or through crypto. There are also domains reserved for famous people.

Another important aspect of Unstoppable Domains is that of being able to use them as keychains for all the addresses of the different cryptocurrencies: in fact, there are over 50 crypto assets that can be used, not to mention the countless ERC20 tokens that can be used thanks to the same Ethereum address.

This way, in addition to connecting all the addresses to one, it is also possible not to reveal which are our addresses, at least on the graphical interface side, since it will be enough to check the blockchain to see which address corresponds to that domain.

Moreover, only last month also the Gemini exchange started to support these domains.

Another interesting feature is that it is possible to associate a PayID account to a domain and expand the offer of payment methods that can be accepted.

A further useful function is that of adding the blog section to the domain and therefore having a real decentralized and uncensored blog.

Tim Draper himself, who has invested in the project, congratulated Coinbase’s new initiative.

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