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Gemini from the Winklevoss twins expands in Seattle, despite industry turmoil

The collapse of FTX doesn't stop the growth of the crypto-exchange

Winklevoss twins surprise Manhattan

Advertising deal struck for the historic billboard that belonged to CNN.

Winklevoss brothers invest in Colossal to bring extinct animals back to life

Twin billionaires want to bring mammoths back to life

Gemini, Winklevoss: “There may never be another crypto winter”

According to Cameron, we may never again see another long bearish period like in the past

Winklevoss: bitcoin enters the real estate sector

Through a partnership with Caruso, it will be possible to use cryptocurrencies to pay rents for commercial and residential premises

The Winklevosses predict the end of Facebook within 10 years

They envisage a future without centralized social networks, but rather dominated by the crypto ecosystem

The NFT dedicated to Gemini and the Winklevoss twins

A promotional initiative has created a 3D NFT dedicated to Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Cryptocurrency billionaires: the richest are the Winklevoss twins

The ranking was compiled by Forbes

The Winklevosses twins at CNBC: Bitcoin better than gold

The founders of the Gemini exchange expect BTC to grow in value enormously

Bitcoin: the price prediction of Tyler Winklevoss

According to his hypothesis, the price of bitcoin could reach 500,000 dollars in the future

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