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Bitcoin seized for $1 billion from Silk Road

It's the biggest BTC seizure in history

Bitcoin: record transaction from Silk Road funds

Almost a billion dollars moved by a wallet linked to the famous marketplace closed in 2014

Craig Wright: Silk Road has not helped bitcoin

The BCH SV supporter has carried out an analysis of the concept of privacy and how it can be distorted

Ross Ulbricht Silk Road’s founder was imprisoned 5 years ago

The founder of Silk Road is serving a double life sentence for creating a free market website: an online petition asks for clemency

Ripple CEO: “crypto can’t be used for Russia to evade sanctions”

Brad Garlinghouse criticizes those who portray cryptocurrencies as the Silk Road

Happy birthday Ross Ulbricht

The creator of Silk Road, who is currently in jail, "celebrates" 36 years

Free Ross Ulbricht: a petition for a pardon from Donald Trump

The founder of Silk Road is asking for clemency from the American President in order to be released from prison.

The CEO of Chainalysis shares his vision about the future of the crypto industry and Web3

The CEO of Chainalysis presented a speech in which he discussed his perspectives on the future of the crypto and Web3 sector.

The recognition of Coinbase as the largest registered crypto exchange in Canada

Coinbase: continues its expansion with the new status of 'Restricted Dealer'.

The US government transfers nearly 2 billion dollars in Bitcoin to Coinbase

On April 2, 2024, the US government made a transfer of almost $2 billion in BTC to Coinbase.

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