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Theta, the price of the crypto increasingly higher

The last week of May opens with a prevalence of red signs

Hyperion: the price of HYN skyrockets

That of yesterday seems to have been a controlled setback, with the first signs showing the resilience of the supports developed during the weekend

Bitcoin: volatility drops by half

During most of the time, the Easter weekend remained unchanged

Bitcoin to reach $9150 in April according to TradingView

Some traders on the platform say there will be some nice surprises for the price of BTC in the coming weeks

5 Best Cryptocurrency Analytics Tools

Cryptocurrency never sleeps. The space moves at such high speeds that keeping track of it all is challenging. Volatility is also a factor

Cryptocurrencies: first bearish movement in 2020

The weakness which began in recent days from the tops of mid-February is starting to take on the structure of a real retracement

Chinese New Year: shrinking volumes for cryptocurrencies

The ongoing retracement, which highlights the fifth day in the negative out of six, sees most cryptocurrencies looking for a basis on which to build support to start again

Bitcoin quotations: the week starts hesitantly

On a daily basis more than 65% of the first 100 cryptocurrencies are in positive territory

BAT: the price of the token stands out today

The movement is led by Bitcoin who attempted to break the $7,500 on Saturday

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