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Harvard returns the money: Novogratz and Pompliano comment on the controversy

The US University was supposed to get $9 million from the government, but it turned it down

Pompliano’s super bullish prediction on the bitcoin price

BTC could reach $100,000 by the end of 2021 as a result of the halving and measures to counter the current financial crisis

Pompliano: “They will print fiat money during the bitcoin halving”

"The Federal Reserve just ran a $700 billion marketing campaign for Bitcoin"

Pompliano: the price of bitcoin is on the rise

The attempt to consider BTC correlated to the stock market, or inversely correlated to the gold market, fails to stand comparison except for short periods of time

Pompliano: Ethereum is like fiat currencies.

According to the well-known influencer, ETH has several similarities, especially the non-fixed monetary policy

Pompliano on Twitter: “Bitcoin is not an investment, it’s a protest”

The founder of Morgan Creek clarifies the missionary ideal of the first crypto

Pompliano on Twitter: the disciplined earn with bitcoin

Thanks to some simulations the famous investor shows how a simple accumulation plan has allowed making profits even during the bear market of 2018.

Pompliano challenges VISA by proposing Bitcoin and Lightning Network

A new Twitter post by the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets

Bitcoin: all-time high for 0.01 BTC addresses

Anthony Pompliano shares the result on Twitter

Bitcoin, too many addresses for too few BTC

A reflection by Anthony Pompliano reinforces the scarcity of Bitcoin

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