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Bitcoin: CME volumes are much higher than those of Bakkt

Research is showing that institutional investors are preferring options traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange over those traded in New York

Bakkt vs CME Groups: more than just Bitcoin futures

The services offered by the two companies are very different

Bakkt, record for open interest on Bitcoin futures

The parameter of the futures contracts reaches $9.53 million

Bakkt: a new CEO has been appointed

A new CEO and a new President have been appointed as a result of the forced resignation of the previous CEO due to her candidacy for the Senate

Bakkt: a new record for bitcoin futures

Surpassed again the 40 million dollars daily, with a peak that comes closer to the 50 million dollars

Bakkt: new Bitcoin futures contracts launched

These are the contracts traded in cash on the Singapore Stock Exchange, which in turn are based on those physically delivered in BTC

Bakkt futures contracts are not only backed by bitcoin

37% would be pegged to US dollars or US Treasuries

Bakkt launches new bitcoin futures in Singapore

These are new contracts owned by the ICE, based on data from previous contracts launched in New York

Bakkt launches institutional custody service

The Bakkt Warehouse opens to financial institutions after obtaining approval from the New York Department of Financial Services

Bakkt to launch consumer app in 2020

It is a wallet for making bitcoin payments quickly and easily, but without using BTC

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