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NFT agreement between Sorare and Bundesliga

Historic agreement between the German Bundesliga and Sorare for the sale of football-related NFTs

NFTs: Sorare, Snoop Dogg, Lightnite and the latest crypto art news

Non-fungible tokens, games, crypto art and e-sports: what's new in the world of non-fungible tokens?

NFTs: the latest news on CryptoPunks, Sorare and Vanity Fair

Lots of news from the world of non-fungible tokens

La Liga lands on Sorare and launches NFTs of Suarez and 1000 other players

Benzema to join the online game that brought football to the blockchain

Sorare and Goldin Auction: NFTs of French and Belgian footballers

Top players are involved, including Lukaku and Mbappé.

Sorare and the first NFTs of a national football team

France national team arrives on Ethereum thanks to Sorare's fantasy football

Sorare’s fantasy football comes to Brazil with Atletico Mineiro

This is the first team from this country to join the NFT platform

Five Italian Serie A teams on the blockchain with Sorare

The game gets more and more teams

AC Milan on the blockchain thanks to Sorare

The famous Italian football team has been added to the list of clubs present on the platform

Sorare: One Shot League fantasy football game coming soon

The Belgian Pro League officially goes on the blockchain thanks to Ubisoft a

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