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Square invests another $ 170 million in bitcoin

The company now owns more than eight thousand BTC, worth about $400 million

Square, $10 million to mine Bitcoin with clean energy

Jack Dorsey's company wants to accelerate BTC's green transition

Coinbase teams up with Square and joins COPA

This is an alliance between crypto companies to promote the development of the sector

Square: stock rises by 190% in 2020

Really remarkable performance during this year for the shares of the company co-founded by Jack Dorsey

Bitcoin up also thanks to Square

BTC is on the rise as more than 90% of cryptocurrency gain over 24 hours

Square: a 50 million investment in bitcoin

After MicroStrategy, another major company decides to invest part of its reserves in BTC

Square: record volumes for bitcoin

A major surge in users and transactions for the Cash App, primarily driven by the services related to BTC

Square Crypto: grants for Bitcoin-based projects

Two projects have already been funded

Square: bitcoin sales increased by 240%

In the fourth quarter of the last year, BTC's sales rose more than they did on the major US crypto exchanges

Square Crypto is focusing on LN

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has revealed that his company operating in the blockchain sector is using BTC's second layer

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