Bitcoin traceability

Giacomo Zucco, ‘The DEA is imprecise on Bitcoin traceability’

In a stream, the expert debunks the thesis of the Drug Enforcement Administration on the subject of tracking and privacy when using the cryptocurrency
DEX Binance

First images of the DEX Binance Chain

CEO Changpeng Zhao publishes a sneak peek video of the decentralized exchange he and his team are working on

The bear is back, the crypto-market is red

After the great rebound of July, the market faces a difficult challenge with values that for some big players fall to the lows of the year. ICOs are also lagging behind
crypto mining router

Bitmain launches a crypto mining router

The company launches two new crypto miners on the market
South African crypto

New South African crypto taxes

In the African country, a bill is being evaluated that seeks to equate the taxation of gains and losses with that of other financial assets.

With HashCash a new crypto-billionaire is born

A 30-year-old Indian has joined the crypto super rich, but his wealth is essentially in tokens

Digipulse, “How we want to de-tokenize our project”

Exclusive interview with Normunds ‘Norm’ Kvilis, CEO of the ICO that wants to burn all their tokens because they are not used. In change, they will distribute shares of the company

TravelbyBit will include New Zealand

The Australian crypto company wants to bring digital currencies to the West Coast as well
BCH slack

Bitcoin Cash co-founder removed from BCH Slack

Amaury Séchet was banned from one of the channels of the BCH community for his pre-consensus proposal