Eidoo patron of the statue “Crypto Connection” by Federico Clapis

London will host the first sculpture dedicated to crypto and officially commissioned by a startup of the blockchain industry

Bitex, Bitcoin used in an Argentinian bank

Bancos Masventas has started using crypto for cross-border payments. But the end user is left out.

Bankex blockchain to support multiple services

Bankex launches a platform for the arbitrations online. It includes a selection of the judges that have to decide who is right.

Google is after Vitalik Buterin

The web giant tries to recruit Ethereum's co-founder for its blockchain projects. Daniel Larimer wants the genius too, as stated in the Eos Telegram group.
cryptocurrency ta

Cryptocurrency TA: the sector stops to reflect

Only Tron, Binance Coin and Decred showed double-digit positive returns. The tiring phase of bitcoin continues, stuck below 8500 dollars

Parity ICO, another EU privacy victim

The service of the wallet dedicated to the subscription of token sales must shut down because it does not conform with the GDPR. Vitalik Buterin is also annoyed.
film lamborghini tatatu

Baldwin and Banderas set for a movie about Lamborghini

Big names in Hollywood are working on a movie dedicated to the founder of the legendary car company. The project has been financed in cryptocurrencies and co-produced by Tatau
blockchain games

The Simpsons and Marvel’s heroes use bitcoin

The worlds of gaming and comics are increasingly mentioning cryptos and blockchain technology. Now it's the turn of the two big giants
ucl iota divorce

It is a divorce between University College London and IOTA

The stop to collaboration due to the contrasts between the researchers and the co-founder of the Sergey Ivancheglo Foundation. The former fear legal actions against their work.