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Lars Schlichting, “Here the ICO Race winners”

Lars Schlichting, “Here the ICO Race winners”: Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano

Pigzbe, Metalyfe and Desico: these are the names of the ICO candidates who made it on the podium during ICO Race, the event held in Lugano on June 6 and 7, promoted by Eidoo and its ICO Engine platform.

“Not an easy decision”, explains in this interview Lars Schlichting, legal expert, CEO of Poseidon Group, the holding company to which Eidoo also belongs, as well as Chairman of the ICO Race jury. “We were faced with many interesting projects”, he adds, “but in the end, as always happens in similar events, each juror had to make his own choices”.

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Claudio Kaufmann
Claudio Kaufmann
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