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Iota at the Austrian post office with Bitpanda Exchange

Thanks to the Bitpanda Exchange, it is possible to go to 400 post offices to buy cryptocurrencies, also in cash.

Iota at the Austrian post office with Bitpanda Exchange. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

The Austrian Bitpanda exchange recently announced that it has added two new cryptocurrencies to its exchanges, Iota and Komodo.

Nothing particularly original were it not for the agreement that Bitpanda has with the Austrian post offices. Thanks to this deal, the new cryptocurrencies can now also be purchased at the Post office.

The company has officialized on Twitter that it is already possible to buy MIOTA at more than 400 Austrian post offices, even in cash. It is sufficient to have a valid email address and the cryptos, once purchased, are sent to the integrated wallet inside the exchange platform.

Therefore, Austrian post offices act as Bitpanda counters for crypto-currency purchases by paying in fiat currency, cash, credit card, or from your postal current account.

In fact, the buyer’s email address corresponds to an account on the exchange website to which the purchased crypto is sent. In this way, the customer can access the Bitpanda website with the email address used for the purchase and find in his account any crypto purchased at the post office.

The goal is to make buying easier, faster and also allow buying with cash, which of course cannot be done online.

Among the comments in the tweet with which the service was announced, there are already those who ask Bitpanda to extend the service outside Austria, probably because it is one of the rare ways in which you can buy cryptocurrency in cash.

Bitpanda is an Austrian exchange, so the collaboration with the post offices of the country has certainly been easier to develop because in its country of origin, but in theory there should not be major technical obstacles that prevent its spread elsewhere.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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