Blockchain advertising and its role in the sector
Blockchain advertising and its role in the sector

Blockchain advertising and its role in the sector

By Simona Naldi - 17 Aug 2018

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Blockchain technology is now changing every idea that involves data management, security or transactions between the parties.

Innovations are no longer limited mainly to the financial sector, as was originally the case, but extend to previously unpredictable areas.

DLT is increasingly gaining a foothold in the advertising and digital marketing sector, a market that is expected to reach $220 billion in 2019.

If we consider the major fields of application of blockchain in these areas we can have it applied for:

  1. Allowing consumers to regain control of the advertising that is offered to them and possibly to become co-beneficiaries;
  2. As a tool for the operation of advertising platforms, the measurement of their performance and the effect of advertising campaigns themselves;
  3. As a tool for the elimination of the various levels of intermediation, making the process of buying advertising much simpler and more direct;
  4. It can help manage the entire advertising management process by making it less costly and much more transparent.

One of the first to use blockchains in this area is certainly Basic Attention Token, perhaps the most comprehensive consumer-oriented offer.

The BAT token is complementary to a platform, based on the Brave browser, for sharing advertising revenues between the final recipient and the browser.

Those who wish to buy advertising space, do so using the BAT token, which is then the method of remuneration for who watches the ad. It is also the most heavily capitalised token in this sector, with nearly USD 190 million and a functioning product.

With regard to projects that mainly target the industry, there are several.

They give certainty in transactions and facilitate effectiveness checks and management of activities.

These include Adhive, Adbank, Leadcoin and AdEx, all want to cut the long distribution chain related to advertising, but none with a capitalization that is as successful as BAT’s, not even remotely comparable.

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