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Heroes Prize Competition 2018, Maratea capital of startups


Original, sustainable and revolutionary ideas travel to southern Italy. Innovation marks the end of the summer at Heroes Meet in Maratea, the first Euro-Mediterranean festival that brings together the most inspiring heroes of our time in the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

On the occasion of the third edition of the meetup dedicated to innovation, future and enterprise, this year focuses on the theme “Money > Value”, which will be held in Maratea from 20 to 22 September, the Heroes Prize Competition will be held in parallel: a contest dedicated to startups, companies and informal teams that rewards the most innovative, sustainable and able to demonstrate the ability to respond effectively to the major economic and social challenges of our time.

There are 50 startups who have passed the first step of the competition that has received over 100 entries. Women in charge of new startups are still few, but more than in previous editions. They are all young entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, passionate heroes who see innovation as the key to the future. They are mainly interested in the Internet of things area. 3Bee, for example, is a startup that deals with innovative IoT systems for monitoring farm animals. Butterfly is a collaborative decision-making tool that allows you to manage and facilitate group decision-making processes. Or Parkit!, which develops technologically strategic solutions for the optimal and responsible management of urban contexts with a view to sustainable urban regeneration.

There are also numerous startups that deal with fintech, such as EasyTax Assistant, which transforms the current tax system by providing a forecast calculation for the tax savings associated with each individual expense. There are also many startups dedicated to travel, such as ViviLOFT, a widespread accommodation system that aims to enhance rural and suburban landscapes, composed of microarchitectures that can be reserved by the hour, or JoinBed, a platform that combines the characteristics of AirBnb with other interesting features to make the local experience increasingly engaging.

Finally, there are blockchain platforms such as VIMOVE, where video creators are supported by their communities in the production process, or Il MIO World, for the certification of luxury fashion. Blockchain technology, applicable in many sectors, surprises in the food one with the startup Posti, which offers a certificate of quality of the individual dishes served in a restaurant, of which the history, composition, processing, cooking and nutritional values are described.

The 50 selected startups arrive from all over Italy, including the islands, and during the three days of the festival, they will take part in the Pitch Competition. But only 5 finalists will be able to enter the last phase of evaluation on September 22, 2018, from which the winner will be finally selected by a jury of experts, a jury of peers and a popular jury in the unprecedented contest ‘A tavola con la startup’.

Click here to read the long list of revolutionary startups that will participate in Heroes Meet in Maratea, event of which Cryptonomist is a media partner.

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