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New features of the Zilliqa blockchain

The Zilliqa project is being updated, with the addition of some new features to improve the network, including the implementation of tree-based clustering, the MIMO DS committee and the verification of messages from search nodes.

The Scilla interpreter has also been improved based on feedback received during the London hackathon and the update of the customer library.

Tree-Based Cluster Broadcasting (TBC) is a deterministic multicasting approach that has been added to the current set of network communication strategies.

TBC intends to integrate the Gossip protocol, particularly in cases where new peer information is not yet available.

The DS Multi-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Committee, on the other hand, allows for a reshuffle in the composition of the DS Committee, to allow multiple nodes to join and leave the DS Committee after each DS epoch.

With this new approach, the nodes that do most of the work will have a much higher chance of being integrated into the DS committee of the following epoch. This will also make it possible to remove defective or offline DS nodes from the committee faster, instead of one at a time.

With this update, changes have also been made to the structure of DS blocks, including information about the network of incoming DS nodes and public keys.

View Change (VC) block transmission has been added, in the event of a display change occurring before the DS block’s consent is completed. These blocks are now integrated into the next DS block message. This allows the use of the TBC multicasting approach.

A new storage node has also been added to reduce the workload on search nodes. In addition, verification of search node messages has been introduced to ensure that the authenticity of search nodes can be verified.

Some changes have also been made to the Scilla interpreter. Finally, improvements have also been made to the Testnet: it is now able to launch a cluster of 2,000 nodes, instead of the previous 1,000.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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