GastroAdvisor, the TripAdvisor of the crypto world shows the platform for the first time
GastroAdvisor, the TripAdvisor of the crypto world shows the platform for the first time

GastroAdvisor, the TripAdvisor of the crypto world shows the platform for the first time

By Crypto Advertising - 23 Nov 2018

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GastroAdvisor ICO is a new food and wine portal that allows easily finding food-related places and take advantage of all the information needed to choose the right place where to eat.

gastroadvisor ICO

What’s special about it?

Unlike other classic systems that allow writing and leaving a review of a restaurant without any kind of certification and warranty, the GA system allows to write 3 types of reviews, including the most innovative one called “gold review”, which allows certifying the truthfulness through payment in digital currencies, so as to leave a truly decentralized and unchangeable review.

To allow all this, the company Gastroadvisor is working on the creation of a cryptopos to be inserted into the premises and thus allow Gastro-operators to accept crypto for the services offered and keep up with the times. Today the team has published the MVP, Minimum Viable Product, which is a preview of the functioning of the entire ecosystem.

Last year, many ICOs have published projects related to the use of tokens to, for example, buy a coffee, but so far almost none of these ICOs has provided results. CEO Samuele Rosso says they already have restaurateurs who will accept bitcoin and the GastroAdvisor Token (FORK).

GastroAdvisor connects caterers and customers through FORK, a utility and a payment hybrid token that rewards users and caterers for their contributions, thus creating a reliable platform with certified information and reviews of restaurants around the world.

The release of the MVP has been anticipated by 3 months compared to the roadmap to allow users and those who support the project to see, test and understand the product that GastroAdvisor offers, taking advantage of the initial basic functions so that the team can develop future updates according to the roadmap and the advice given by the community.

For more information about the project you can read the white paper here.

In this first version of GastroAdvisor, released today with the MVP, creating accounts is not allowed yet, but the test accounts “user” and “company” can still be used, making it possible to test the features that the platform offers.

The official version will be released in the first quarter of 2019 with over 20,000 food-related places initially based in Switzerland. From that moment on it will be possible to start earning FORK tokens with reviews and other functions.

At this time, the ICO of GastroAdvisor is in the initial token pre-sale stage with a 30% discount on the price of the FORK. The discount decreases with time, reaching first 20% and then 10%.

You can only buy tokens on GastroAdvisor’s official website:


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