The latest news from the crypto market: this is one of the best weeks of 2019
The latest news from the crypto market: this is one of the best weeks of 2019

The latest news from the crypto market: this is one of the best weeks of 2019

By Federico Izzi - 21 Feb 2019

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The first real bullish race of the crypto market in 2019 takes a break, a necessary condition to be able to assess the latest news of trading, while expecting a greater solidity of support in the coming days.

latest news crypto market

Among the top 20 most capitalised cryptos today, prices move under the parity. After days of euphoria, that from the beginning of February saw the price (almost) double, today it is Binance Coin (BNB) to slow down with a drop above 4%.

Next comes Litecoin (LTC) and Cardano (ADA), which lost just over 3%. To find the first positive signals you have to go a little further, with Waves and VeChain, climbing respectively by 1.5% and over 5.5% for VET.

To find the only double-digit rise of the day (+13%) , it is necessary to slide up to the 57th position occupied by Repo, reaching over $76 million. The token, based on Stellar’s decentralised platform, is a project that rewards users in scanning car license plates that do not comply with the payment of financing instalments.

Today’s downtrend should not worry. Except for NEO, the balance of the last few days shows a positive balance in the Top 20. Among the most significant double-digit increases, Eos stands out with an upswing of over 35% from Valentine’s Day, equally followed by Ethereum and Binance Coin (+20%).

Despite the contraction in volumes daily (-20% since yesterday), the total capitalisation remains above 133 billion dollars, showing a firm intention to return to rising. Bitcoin fell to 52% dominance, with Ethereum remaining stable above 11%, while Ripple (XRP) fell below 10% to its lowest levels for the past three months.

latest news crypto market
Bitcoin chart, source:

Bitcoin: the latest news from the crypto market (BTC)

After the morning shock, that saw the price rise by more than 100 dollars in less than five minutes, pushing over 4150 dollars, the price fluctuated again around 4000 dollars. This level demonstrates its importance as it has been attracting trades for over 48 hours. For a future consolidation, useful to recharge the force for the next jump, it is necessary for the price not to return below 3800 within the next days.

A slip under this support could make investors want to return dangerously to retest the 3600 dollars. Above 4200 dollars, however, the bullish signal would find additional strength.

latest news crypto market
Ethereum chart, source:

Latest news on Ethereum (ETH) trading

The steep climb, which recorded a uptrend of over 30% in just ten days, saw the first stage of the profit reaching $150. Since Monday afternoon, prices seem to be fluctuating at this level without giving any specific signal.

Trade is decreasing, although above the average of the last few weeks. Before hitting the January highs again, it is necessary to check the solidity of the supports. Any retreat will not affect the uptrend if it does not push below $130. Above $165, there is a possibility of jolts due to the nervous closure of the last bearish positions seen in the medium term.

Federico Izzi

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