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QuadrigaCX, located the funds from the Ethereum wallets of the Canadian exchange

A report was published yesterday explaining where some of the Ethereum wallets with the lost funds of the QuadrigaCX exchange are.

In fact, some wallets containing the Ethereum lost by the Canadian exchange have been found. These would be in the hands of several other exchanges such as Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex which QuadrigaCX used as a means of deposit to maintain a high level of security.

This may explain why QuadrigaCX cold wallets and their funds have not been found yet.

12 addresses that belong directly to the exchange have been recovered:

  • 0x0ee4e2d09aec35bdf08083b649033ac0a41aa75e
  • 0xd72709b353ded6c8068cc78988613587a4cae8de
  • 0xb6aac3b56ff818496b747ea57fcbe42a9aae6218 (hot wallet)
  • 0x027beefcbad782faf69fad12dee97and894c68549 (hot wallet)
  • 0x45cab8d124fce8663581172c614f2ee08d01d48e
  • 0x696dd748a2andd9692and93bd592dd2f293483eada
  • 0x0247bc4e03142079cfa2e3daf500722e0f9a6b2
  • 0xd543154fb94528c4fc54b9c27128c2d86c6322be
  • 0x67fC93fD01A15D9FB02a80D0AE6207fB45625be4
  • 0xb90a82ec61627885eab72f4253939285ba40c91d
  • 0x79855af491352646e73bd12d7b92d6c814e71b4c
  • 0x57b727dc48b5d9261958e0fb9f94fa02dc328bf6

These wallets across the various exchanges reach a total of 649,708 Ethereum, for a total of $90,3 million. Probably, as the report explains, the funds are divided as follows:

  • Bitfinex received 239,240 Ethereum;
  • Kraken received 84,248 Ethereum
  • Poloniex received 326,220 Ethereum

Given that they were transferred throughout the year of operation of the exchange, it is reasonable to consider that only the CEO of QuadrigaCX, Gerry Cotten, knew of this type of operation also because, after December 9th, the date of the death of the CEO, there were no more movements.

Now it is up to these exchanges to redistribute the funds to the creditors of QuadrigaCX. It should be noted that also Kraken holds some funds of the Canadian exchange, with the intention to reward those who had useful information about the incident.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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