and EOS announce a new roadmap and EOS announce a new roadmap
Blockchain and EOS announce a new roadmap

By Alfredo de Candia - 5 Mar 2019

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Daniel Larimer, CTO of and EOS, announced on Telegram that there will be a new roadmap for the company.

With a message about the company’s upcoming projects, Larimer explained:

A public roadmap will disclose everything we have been and will be working on. A date has been set“.

It’s hard to say what the new roadmap entails, given that there are several options.

The co-founder and CEO of, Brendan Blumer, explained that everything will be revealed in June:

It is also worth remembering that in June there will also be the BP event for the EOS blockchain and there will be important news all in that month, so what remains is to wait for the news to be made public or introduced in the roadmap.

Block Producer Summit 2019

The second Block Producer Summit will be held on June 6th in San Francisco, California, an event organised by Tulip and EOS42 with the aim of helping other BPs to achieve their goals and to assess the situation and future of the network.

The main sponsors of the event will be EOS Nation, EOS Tribe and EOS SV. The entire event will be dedicated to the EOS crypto and its project in general, as this event will try to connect more communities in different countries, such as those in Asia with language problems, with the rest of the world.

Considering that the EOS blockchain is well suited to develop smart contracts on it and consequently also other sidechains, with an increase in the various dApps, even BPs will have to adapt to make the entire structure efficient and attractive, thus this event will also be an opportunity to propose ideas and new solutions to be implemented in the entire ecosystem thanks to the help of all.

Since the event will be restricted and with a limited number of participants, in order to attend the event, it is necessary to register using the form provided; all that remains is to wait for this event to see how the BPs will move and what direction they will take, given that prior to the event the results of the various proposals for referendums on the EOS blockchain will be published, which will substantially modify the structure in some aspects.


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