The news related to the Huobi Marketplace platform supporting Ripple’s crypto, XRP, has just been revealed.

“In a dedicated effort to provide our customers with carefully vetted and high-quality trading options, we are announcing support for a new addition to the Huobi Marketplace: XRP,” explains the release”.

As of today, it is possible to deposit XRP on the Huobi Marketplace, while trading and withdrawal operations will be operational from tomorrow April 19th at 12:00 AM PST; in addition, the following pairs will be supported: XRP/USD, XRP/BTC and XRP/USDT.

For Ripple and the XRP token, this is definitely good news as more and more exchanges and services are listing and using their tokens for different functions and sectors, despite its almost centralised position due to the amount of tokens Ripple holds.

It should also be noted that the platform has also introduced the possibility for Huobi OTC to accept deposits via Visa and MasterCard, all possible thanks to the partnership made with Simplex.

xrp huobi exchange

To deposit, withdraw or exchange XRP, new users must register an account on the official Huobi website and pass the KYC verification of the Level 1 account (for US users) and Level 2 account (for Chinese users), which can be accessed directly from the dashboard of the user’s account.

In addition, Huobi has asked its users to propose their favourite cryptocurrencies to be added to the platform. This can be done through their official Facebook, Twitter and Reddit channels, by writing all the details and the reason behind wanting it to be listed. If the digital asset meets the Huobi requirements for listing, then the exchange will take it into consideration.