According to a recent crypto survey organised by Lendedu, an e-commerce company that finances student loans, 18% of respondents said they were interested in investing in the Facebook cryptocurrency.

The survey mainly concerned the Facebook crypto, asking the classic question of whether the respondent was already using some cryptocurrencies, showing that only 7% responded yes.

(1) Have you invested, or are you currently invested, in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.?

  • 7% of respondents answered “Yes”
  • 91% of respondents answered “No”
  • 2% of respondents answered “I’d rather not say.”

Subsequently, the survey asked what was the interest regarding the Facebook crypto. 18% said they were willing to invest and use this crypto.

(2) There have been reports that Facebook is working on their own cryptocurrency that users could use to send to one another and make payments on Facebook and across the internet. The cryptocurrency could also be used to buy and sell products on the Facebook Marketplace. Would you be interested in investing in such a Facebook-created cryptocurrency?

  • 18% of respondents answered “Yes”
  • 64% of respondents answered “No”
  • 18% of respondents answered “I’m not sure.”

This survey, which continues with other questions related to the Facebook platform in general, highlights how users – and especially students – are interested in this world and the related crypto that Facebook could launch in the near future.

In fact, many people would use this crypto within the Facebook marketplace to buy and sell items and services or even within a hypothetical system that rewards content creators on the platform.