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Cardano (ADA): the testnet for PoS is ready

The developers of Cardano (ADA) are almost ready to launch Shelley.

Shelley will be a very important release that, among other things, will mark the transition from the current protocol, Ouroboros, to Ouroboros BFT. Ouroboros BFT will improve the current implementation in several respects and will implement a PoS (Proof of Stake) model on Cardano. The new protocol will require a hard fork to become operational and will be enabled in the future.

The testnet will be launched in June, as confirmed by Charles Hoskinson.

EMURGO, one of the three organisations responsible for the Cardano ecosystem, responded to the tweet confirming that the testnet will start with a small pool of stake operators. In the following 3-4 months, new functions will be added.

EMURGO also recently announced the arrival of a new blockchain explorer that will allow monitoring ADA transactions and control the balance sheets of the various wallets.

Known as “Seiza” – which in Japanese means “constellation” – the new blockchain explorer will allow users to navigate the Cardano blockchain. Compared to other blockchain explorers, EMURGO stated that Seiza will have additional features that will improve the user experience by facilitating transaction tracking. For example, it will be easier to find the data for a specific block. Seiza once released will be ready for the arrival of Shelley and will allow real-time reading of the PoS blockchain.

The roadmap of the project will be updated in the next weeks and will include the features under development: paper wallets, quantum resistance, more human-friendly addresses, multiSig transactions, etc… Moreover, there will also be improvements with regard to interoperability and security.