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Bitcoin, today the price goes up thanks to AT&T news

Today, the news related to the announcement of AT&T pushes the price of bitcoin above $7,800. With a +5% BTC tries to attack the technical and psychological quota of $8,000. Bitcoin Cash also performed very well, ranking 4th and today rising 3.5%.

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BCH and BTC benefit from the announcement of the US giant AT&T, which yesterday announced that it will accept the two cryptocurrencies through the Bitpay platform for the payment of its services.

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The day starts with positive expectations that open the door to a possible busy weekend. Following the last three days of uncertainty and profit taking, there is now a clear prevalence of green signs. Of the 2,200 cryptocurrencies listed, more than 85% are in positive territory. Among the first 50, there are only two red signs.

The first one is Bitcoin SV (BSV), which drops slightly by about 2% after the vertical rises of recent days. News coverage of Craig Wright has benefited the crypto, which now ranks 12th behind Tron and just above Monero (which today rises 1%).

The other negative sign is that of Zilliqa (ZIL), which occupies the 46th position with 179 million dollars, down 1%. In recent hours Zilliqa has made arrangements with the company Unstoppable Domains, a service that allows opening domains without censorship, linking to the blockchain of Zilliqa. Domains will have .zil extensions like the token. This supported a strong bullish movement two days ago creating strong volatility. Volatility had pushed the prices of Zilliqa beyond the threshold of 3 cents, levels that had not been seen since last November. In the last few hours, the prices have returned to 2 cents. The news was an opportunity for upward and downward speculation.

The rise of Cardano also stands out: after difficult days it climbs the slope with a +3.5%. Among the best known, the increase in NEM (XEM) was excellent, rising by 8%. Very good also Chainlink (LINK) which soars more than 18%.

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On a weekly basis, Binance Coin stands out with an increase of over 30%. A gain that puts it on the #1 spot among the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Binance is trying to consolidate the rise of the last 5 days that saw the psychological threshold of $30 broken and is now trying to stay above this level. Today BNB is at 31 dollars (+2% today), confirming its 7th position in the ranking with 4.5 billion dollars of capitalisation.

The total capitalisation returns to embrace the $245 billion. The dominance of the first three remains unchanged, with bitcoin fluctuating around 57%, a percentage of capitalisation that is being consolidated thanks to recent increases.

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Bitcoin price news today

Bitcoin continues to suffer from the double maximum touched at the turn of May 16-19 in the $8,350 area. Yesterday’s decline, with the slide of the last 48 hours, stopped above the lows reached last weekend.

Despite the slowdown in recent days, bitcoin continues to show a positive trend with +7% on a weekly basis. It would be useful to consolidate over 7,700 dollars over the weekend, which could launch the attack on the 8,000-8,300 dollars. In the event of an upward violation, prices would most likely go so far as to revise the $9,000 mark, an area abandoned exactly a year ago, in May 2018. Downwards, it is necessary to continue to monitor the 7,500 and then the 7,000 dollars.

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Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum after last week’s sharp rise in prices to +50% in 5 days, seeks a consolidation basis in the $230-235 area, levels re-tested yesterday.

For Ethereum, it is necessary to decisively exceed $255-265, a level that would attract purchases and then proceed with the possible test of exceeding the maximum of 2019 reached last week in the $280 area.

Downwards it is necessary to monitor the possible breakage of the 230 dollars as there would be a gap, a bearish space that would bring prices in the $200 area and would trigger strong volatility.

ETH on a weekly basis remains at the levels of last Friday with a +1-2%. It is now necessary to maintain the support of the 230 dollars.


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