A 18,000 bitcoin (BTC) transaction towards Coinbase
A 18,000 bitcoin (BTC) transaction towards Coinbase

A 18,000 bitcoin (BTC) transaction towards Coinbase

By Alfredo de Candia - 13 Jun 2019

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A few hours ago a transaction was carried out involving more than 18,000 bitcoin (BTC), to be precise 18,900 BTC for a value of approximately $153 million, towards the wallet of the Coinbase exchange

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.The transaction took place during the recent recovery of the bitcoin (BTC) value, when it exceeded 8,150 dollars per single unit, meaning that the user may have taken advantage of the bullish trend that the crypto is experiencing. The fee for the operation was very high: 0.0324 BTC, or about $264.

Moreover, the choice to move such a sum to the Coinbase exchange could soon also involve a sale of these BTC and thus taking advantage of the temporary increase in the value of the crypto.

Obviously, these are only hypotheses and it is difficult to see how the situation will evolve, but from what can be seen the exchange Coinbase was chosen, where the funds could be liquidated or converted into other cryptocurrencies, trying to diversify the portfolio

Retracing the address transactions, it is possible to see that the address, dating back to 2015, had a total of 41,000 bitcoins (BTC) and is now ranked 49 among the 100 addresses with the most bitcoins overall.

Coinbase Card

Yesterday Coinbase announced an important new feature: a debit card available in several European countries.

The Coinbase debit card can be ordered via the exchange’s mobile app and is obviously synchronised with the user’s account. It can also be used as a contactless card to withdraw from ATMs and allows spending BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH, depending on availability.

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