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Samsung will increase the production of mining chips

In the latest report published by Samsung, there was a greater demand for mining chips and as a result, the South Korean company decided to increase its production:

“In the second half, earnings growth is expected to continue due to the ongoing expansion of orders for AP, image sensors and DDI as well as increased demand for HPCs, including crypto currency mining chips. The Company plans to start mass production of EUV 6-nm process and aims to strengthen its competitiveness through tape-out of the EUV 5-nm process and by completing 4-nm process development.”

Samsung proves to be a consumer-favourite company. This has allowed it to achieve important goals with a profit of over $47 billion.

By contrast, Bitmain lost $625 million in early 2019 due to the fact that its production of mining solutions is no longer enjoying much success.

Samsung continues to invest in new technologies including the blockchain, both on the hardware side with its chips dedicated to mining as well as with its smartphones that have the ability to support some aspects of the blockchain, and on the software side with the release of SDKs for Ethereum and the recent support for the Pundi X wallet on its Galaxy S10 terminal.

Surely this is only the beginning of a scenario that will open the doors to other hardware manufacturers as well: Samsung’s various competitors are starting to produce different blockchain solutions, as is the case with HTC and XPhone.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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