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TRON: Justin Sun’s charity lunch with Buffett has been postponed

The charity lunch between Justin Sun of TRON and Warren Buffett has been postponed. It looks as if it will still take place, as soon as a date can be found that suits all the guests.

This was announced by TRON’s head of communications, Cliff Edwards, during an interview with BlockTV. 

Explicitly questioned about the postponement of the lunch, Edwards explained that time is required to arrange it due to the fact that they must coordinate with nine the 9 guests involved who will have to go to San Francisco and have five hours of free time to talk with Warren Buffett. 

He also reported that it took them two months to gather the approval of the nine people who were selected to attend the lunch, and called their agendas “pretty crazy”. He also promised that they will soon be reporting on the new date. 

The story has now taken on the characteristics of a soap opera. 

Initially, in fact, the date had been set to July 25th, but just a few days before, the meeting had been cancelled. 

Given the few ups and downs that TRON has been going through, many had imagined that the appointment would be cancelled. 

However, 4.6 million euros are at stake to be donated to charity, so cancelling the lunch would be very resounding. In fact, it’s been 20 years since the first “Power Lunch with Warren Buffett” was organised and up to now, no one has ever cancelled the lunch after winning it at the auction. 

TRX, TRON’s cryptocurrency, has lost a lot of its value in recent months, going from its annual high at the end of June, when it was close to $ 0.04, to the current $ 0.015, with a loss of more than 60% in less than three months. 

It was since December of last year that it has not fallen below $0.016, and this could mean that the crisis it is going through could be more serious than what it seemed a few weeks ago. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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